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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. I'll take the Super Tuck Deluxe for my Hi-Power! Thanks!
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  3. Thumbs up Great Marketing

    The right handed Super Tuck Deluxe for 1911 Kimber TLE Ultra Carry II. As a Special Operations instructor to local citizens/LE in the NoVA, DC, Maryland region, I have numerous Law Enforcement and families ask me what to buy for either their civil service or protection with regards to weapons and holsters. I often refer them to reputable gun dealers, the NRA, and USA Carry. With this holster, I could show them how this product can provide them with a comfortable means to carry what protects them and their family.

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    Right hand Super Tuck Delux for my CZ P01 because this is my favorite gun and it's tough to find a holster for it. Really glad to see that crossbreed is making holsters for the CZ line. I might have to get one for my 75BD and 75 compact too. I usually prefer leather or nylon over the Kydex but I've never tried a Kydex IWB holster only OWB and it would be interesting to see how a Kydex IWB holster feels.

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    CB holster

    Super tuck deluxe right hand. Just because.


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    I'd like to win the "MINI TUCK" holster. I carry a BERSA Thunder CC .380,
    so a bigger holster would be too dangerous to use with my small semi auto.

  7. Would love a crossbreed to handle my Ruger P-345. A Crossbreed Holster would make that a VERY concealable carry!

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    The right handed Super Tuck Deluxe Would be nice Got a new gun and need a holster for it. LoL the wife won't let me buy anything new for awhile

  9. Supertuck delux

    Super tuck Delux for my Smith and wesson 457. After years of suffering I bought a super tuck for my glock 27. I have yet to find a better holster.

  10. Concealed carry Holster giveaway from USA Carry

    I would like the Super Tuck Deluxe because it would fit my needs better. I have a glock 19 and feel this would handle this weapon.

  11. i choose the super tuck all 1911 models in left hand black. for the contest.
    i have one in right hand, and i would like to try left side cross draw carry

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