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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. Contest entry

    Ad information says "2" so my choices are: (a) SuperTuck Deluxe; and (b) MiniTuck. Both look well made and reviews are great.

    Plus, I should buy them anyway as Cross Breed Holsters are great sponsors of our shows.

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    Right Hand, SuperTuck Deluxe, for my Beretta PX4.

  4. Super Tuck Deluxe, for sure. It'd be great to comfortably carry my Sig P250 without even noticing it's there!

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    I'd love a new holster!

    I'd love to have a SuperTuck Deluxe to carry my Colt Defender (3 inch barrel), right hand draw, Natural Horsehide, with a combat cut. I've never used an IWB holster, preferring instead a high rise, custom holster, bit I'm eager to try the best IWB (according to friends) available.

    Let's hope my luck changes for the better!

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  6. Super Tuck right Hand 1911

    Super Tuck
    Right Hand
    Holster Color/Leather:Cowhide Black
    Gun:ALL 1911 Series without rail, Colt, Kimber, Springfield, Etc
    Combat Cut?:No
    Velcro V-Clips:No
    J-Clips:Yes (Add $10)

    I have one for my LCR and love it.

  7. Holster givaway

    Wow, a great deal. I would like the Supertuck delux in right hand with Vclips for my Kimber Ultra Carry. I hav enot been able to find a good IWB hloster that is comfortable. I would like to carry more then I do but just cannot find a holster that works well for me. Thanks for the opprotunity.

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    Never tried carrying a larger firearm mostly carry pocket pistols and on occasion Galco or Desantis fanny packs. Never could get used to most in the waistband holsters pocking important body parts. QwikClip

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    A right hand Super Tuck for me for a Kimber Super Carry 4". I carry IWB in the summer and this holster will fit that just right and all the things good things I hear about this holster are all good. I would love to get one.
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    I LOVE Crossbreed holsters - have one a SupterTuck for my XD and a MicroTuck for LCP. Would LOVE another one for my 1911:

    Right Hand
    Horse Hide
    Full Size 1911

    Luke, once again -great contest!!! Thanks!
    My Website: Nerd with a .45

  11. Cross Breed Super Tuck

    The Supertuck Deluxe RH in horsehide for Glock27 w/CT Laserguard with combat cut.

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