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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    The SuperTuck Deluxe, right hand, for a Glock 26.

  3. Right hand SnapSlide for G26. Not a fan of IWB holsters, and I've had my eye on one of those for a while. Looks like it would ride nice and close for slide holster.

    Take care.

  4. Mr Bear

    WoW!!! A right hand SUPER TUCK DELUXE for my Glock 26 would be AWSOME

  5. The Cross Breed Super Tuck Deluxe looks sgreat to me. It appears to be well built and like it would carry a Springfield XD9 very well. I am sure that my friends at the club would be impressed.

  6. Holster giveaway

    Right hand Super Tuck Deluxe for
    Springfield XDm 40 cal

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    woodyb Guest

    concealed carry holster giveaway

    Super Tuck Deluxe for right hand carry (Hi Point CHP 45 ACP). This rig has all the features I would like have for carry a really big pistol.

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    Thumbs up Concealed Carry Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe Holster

    After researching several holster, I really like the SuperTuck for the Rugar P95. The Youtub video of the woman demonstrating how it works. I like the idea of being able to wear your regular clothes and carry without anyone knowing.

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    Super Tuck Deluxe

    I carry a Ruger SR9 Full size right handed. The super tuck deluxe looks to be a good addition to my carry meathods.

  10. Super tuck deluxe

    The right hand Super Tuck deluxe for a Glock 19 would be perfect. It looks like it conceals extremely well even for a thinner person. It also appears to be pretty comfortable to wear. The bedside backup looks like a nice holster also rather than using a night stand. Overall, Cross Breed seems to have some pretty nice products and options.

  11. Snapslide

    I like the Snapslide (rh) for a Glock 23. I like the wide-spaced loops for holster stability and how it pull the whole rig close to the body.

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