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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. The right handed Super Tuck Deluxe ,for bersa 45 Thanks

  3. SuperTuck Deluxe and a MiniTuck

    I have a MicroTuck and now I need GOOD options for my other carry guns.

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    Alright, and the winner's of the Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway are.....

    CMNIII who will be getting a SnapSlide in right-hand with sweatguard for the Colt 1911 by Crossbreed Holsters.


    Mike508 who will be getting a Right hand Super Tuck Deluxe in horsehide for a Taurus PT145 Mil-Pro by Crossbreed Holsters.

    I'd like to thank everyone for being a member and entering the giveaway.

    I'd also like to thank Crossbreed Holsters for providing the two holsters for this giveaway.

    Check out our NEW giveaway, the Concealed Carry Package Giveaway!

    This giveaway is over. Posts starting April 1 will not be counted toward any giveaway.
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    Congrats to both of you.
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    Congrats to you both, although I never see any posts by them BUT, maybe they'll start.

    Keep it tucked, pilgrim!
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    Congrats to the winners. Awesome giveaway. Thanks to USAcarry for the opportunity!

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    congradulations to the winners

  10. Congrats!!!!
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    Congrats to the winners. Thanks Luke for the great site.

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