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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. Left Hand Snap Slide for my XD-40 tactical.
    Solid platform and holds tight to the hip with a sturdy belt.

  3. Thanks for all you do

    If chosen I would like the QuikClip, right-handed horse-hide for a Browning Hi-Power. It should fit the Arcus 98DA and the horse hide will help protect it from my sweat.


  4. I would choose the right Handed supertuck delux for a USP compact .40 sw with the horse hide leather. i would choose this holster because the horsehide is more water resistant and since summer is coming you dont want sweat seeping through your back and into your rollmarks. i would also choose this because i love but cant afford IWB holsters and am considered to be behind "enemy lines" since i have my license live in massachusetts with my HK. Oh deary if they only knew!

  5. crossbreed holster

    The right hand super tuck delux looks like a comfortable holster that would carry my KelTek PF9 secure and secret.

  6. Well, I just ordered a mini tuck for my Karh PM-9 (about 7 weeks ago... still awaiting )

    So, I guess I'll have to go with:
    Super Tuck - for a Beretta 92 fs
    Right handed
    all other options standard (no combat cut, no extra clips)

    Well, the 92 fs, it's huge... there is no way I would carry that thing unless it was winter and I had the best possible holster... Crossbreed is the best holster out there (that is why I order one for my Karh )

  7. New Holster for a New Gun...

    What more could a CCW want... a new gun on order and an offer for a great holster!

    My newbie will be here next week. Its home should be in a new Crossbreed!

    I'd accept a new SuperTuck, right-handed, horsehide, S&W Bodyguard .38 revolver, Snaplock connection - with extreme pleasure!

    The newbie is joining our Berretta 380 family; which after 43 years military service lugging 1911's and M-9s - is now going "light."

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    Smile Crossbreed Mini-Tuck

    I would choose the Crossbreed Mini-Tuck. I already own a Crossbreed Super-Tuck for my 1911, which is super comfortable and easy to conceal. I have been looking at the Mini-Tuck to use with my Kel-Tec P32 in the summer time and at church. The best would be right-handed, horsehide.

    These holsters balance the weight of the gun so well on the belt that I hardly know it's there. I have lots of back troubles, and this holster makes it possible for me to carry my gun 15 hours a day without any pain. I love these holsters.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win one.
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    Super Tuck Deluxe - Right handed- Horse Hide Natural - for the CZ75 - with the combat cut and the J clips.
    I bought a Fobus otp holster for my EAA Witness. Its a good holster but wobbles too much when walking around. I need an ITP holster and this is a great one.

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    Crossbreed Supertuck for Glock 27 in horsehide. I would love to start carrying my new G27 in it.


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    RH Super tuck deluxe for 5" 1911...Thanks!
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