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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. What a cool giveaway! Thanks a bunch Luke!
    I've been looking at these on and off for quite awhile...

    Quote Originally Posted by Oldgrunt View Post
    I would choose the Cross Breed Super Tuck Deluxe. I am a big man, 6'3", 280lbs. I need a holster that is not only concealable to my size but one that is sturdy and comfortable enough to wear all day. This particular holster seems to fit my Glocl 23 needs completely.
    I'd want the same model for the same reason - but I'd go with one for a CZ-83 - I've got a couple of CZ-82s (with my C&R) and I really like them.
    I'd also probably want to add the horeshide option (since I'm a big, sometimes sweaty guy)

    Edit: I almost forgot - I'd need a right handed one

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    I find the crossbreed super tuck delux to be my holster of choice for my S&W 642. Would like it for right hand draw with holster on left side with extreme cant for crossdraw. Just find the crossdraw more comfortable and the design of the holster to be very professional and well designed.

  4. IWB concealed carry

    I would choose the great looking Supertuck Deluxe and bet it is a whole lot more comfortable than the UM I'm using now. Also would be a great birthday gift. Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. MiniTuck!!

    I would go with the Cross Breed MiniTuck!
    Just purchased the Ruger LCP and it would be ideal!!

  6. holster giveaway

    Mini Tuck, perfect for Ruger LCP

  7. I would like a right handed super tuck deluxe , Because i think it looks like it would be very comfortable to wear and can not be noticed very easy

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    i would really like to win the supertuck for a springfield xd 9mm left hand draw

  9. Here's the one I would love to win, but after looking over the site I think I will be buying one either way. Looks like a great product with encouraging testimonials. Good Luck to myself and all as A Great American small business will get some great media and hopefully great sales from this promotion and the CCW community will have a superior product.

    Right Hand or Left Hand:Right
    Holster Color/Leather:Cowhide Black
    Gun:HK USP, USPc
    Combat Cut?:Yes $7.50
    Velcro V-Clips:Yes (Add $10)

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    My next gun will be smaller than my Glock 19...the KelTec PF-9 so my vote is the right hand QwikClip. I figure that once I have the holster it will make it easier to buy the gun to go into it. Just may sway the wife.... ;)

    I am also looking forward to having something that is easily CLIPPED-in versus sliding the belt thru my Other Brand Glock-19 IWB.

  11. Super tuck for a Bersa 380, right hand, horse hide, right hand. I have one for my Taurus PT111 and love it.

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