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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. Exclamation Great Holster ,not enough Models

    They don't make one to fit my Ruger Speed Six--I'm real sorry. They look like great Holsters

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    Right hand SuperTuck for a Glock 19 (right hand, horsehide)


  4. I choose the Super Tuck Deluxe for it's concealibility and comfort. It looks like it would work well with my right handed Glock 36.

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    Holster Giveaway

    I received my CCW in November of 2010 and have been looking for a clean holster every since.

    The IWB SuperTuck Deluxe - Right hand for the S&W Sigma looks to be a great matchup for the SW40C.

    Even if I'm not lucky enough to win this giveaway, you have given me a good holster to look into - Thank you

  6. I have been looking at holsters for about 6 months; reading reviews, checking them out at the local gun shows here in Fort Myers, in magazines, and on YouTube.

    Wearing an outside holster is not an option for me due to the thin frame I have. I love the Cross Breed "mini tuck" holster for this reason. I have read many very good reviews on this holster and it is now on the top two list. There is also a local leather-smith here locally, that makes a similar style, but not near as durable looking. The fact that CB has a "horse hide" option is also very attractive. I like the fact that the firearm will be consistent in its location and easy to draw when it's time to use it. This has been very tough to do with the holster I am using now.

    I wanted to be able to have protection with me WHERE EVER I go, so I purchased a .380 to make sure I would never have an excuse to be without. I figure the .380 will slow them down until I can get to the .45 Auto in the truck.

    .380 + CB Holster = a very comfortable consistently located concealed carry, In my opinion.

    Be safe,

    p.s. Did I win?

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    i would like the crossbreed super tuck deluxe for a Ruger sr9 finally moved out of the republic of Illinois and will be getting my ccw card soon! thanks

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    Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe Right Hand in Horsehide for a Glock 36.

    I've been looking for "THE" IWB holster for about 6 months now. I keep waffling between the CBST and the MTAC. I seriously can't get off the fence so getting one would sure resolve that problem.

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    Super tuck

    the super tuck deluxe would be great, my wife and I vacation in different states that recognized our permits. this holster looks like it would be comfortable.

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    The SuperTuck Deluxe for my Sig P229 Elite Stainless .40 S&W, Right Hand!

  11. Supertuck Deluxe for S&W M&P 9mm Horsehide with J-clips and combat cut. This holster alloys comfort especially with the horsehide. It provided amazing concealability with it's adjustability, more so with the less noticeable j-clips. It gives the comfort of leather with the sure holstering of kydex. This is the holster I will be buying if I don't win this contest.

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