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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    Right Hand, SuperTuck Deluxe, for my Beretta PX4 Full size

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    Holster Giveaway

    I choose the Cross Breed Super Tuck Deluxe. I too, am a big man, 5'10", 290lbs. I want a holster that is sturdy and comfortable enough to wear all day. This holster would fit my needs quite well.

  4. The Super Tuck Deluxe

    My pick would be the Super Tuck Deluxe in a right-hand configuration. IWB is my preference and I really like the fact that this rig allows for adjustment of the cant. This gives me the option of carrying at various positions.

  5. crossbreed

    LEFT handed snapside XD 45 full size- thank you for this genourous giveaway
    semper fi

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    My butt is in Southern Indiana but my heart's in Texas
    The Super Tuck Delux would fill the bill for my concealed carry needs exactly. In Texas we must carry our handguns in such a manner that they cannot be seen in any manner. The Super Tuck Delux will do exactly that. The Super Tuck Delux has the needed features such as a comfortable material of construction, the ability to completely conceal your handgun and the ability to adjust the cant for your particular needs. The Super Tuck Delux is a well designed and well made holster that will fit any of the handguns that I prefer to carry for personal protection.

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    Crossbreed Holster

    You really caught my attention with this giveaway. Since I spent all of my money on the new Ruger LCR, range time, ammo, CCW class and Texas license fee, there is little left for a good holster. That Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe in black would look great straped to my backside. I will be practicing my draw just waiting for it to arrive. Thank you in advance.

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    Mini Tuck Ruger LCP 380 WITH Crimson Trace Laser (LG-431)
    R/H Black

  9. Crossbreed Holster Giveaway

    Left handed SuperTuck Deluxe for a Glock 19 for me. It seems to disappear which is critical in my office setting. Also, the comfort is reportedly outstanding and more comfort = more carry.

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    If I had my choice, I would pick the SuperTuck Deluxe for my full size Springfield XD40. I have wanted to buy a Crossbreed holster for a long time but I am an elementary school teacher in California and between buying school supplies for my classroom and worrying that I may be laid off due to budget cuts, I just can't justify the cost.

  11. Bedside Backup

    I own a super tuck and would like a Bedside Backup to complement for sleeping. RH, Glock 19.

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