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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    right hand, super tuck deluxe for S&W 1026 10mm. love this gun kinda big for CCW but I already have a holster for my taurus 24/7 in .45.

  3. holster

    I would like the mini if it will hold the Glock 27 ?????

  4. Giveaway

    I would like the super tuck deluxe right hand for springfield xd. I am starting my classes here in NY to hopefully get my restrictions removed by the end of the year. Onondaga County is terrible I have heard to get it removed to be able to carry all the time.

  5. I think I would go with the right handed QuikClip with the combat cut.

  6. The Crossbreed Supertuck RH for me and my Glock 23! This would make a nice addition to my holster rotation.

  7. Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe RH for my M&P9.

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    Since I already have a Super Tuck Deluxe for my XD40SC, I'd like one to fit my S&W .38 Special J-Frame, Model 642 Centennial!

  9. Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe RH for Springfield XDM. Because they're the best!

  10. I would have to say the left hand "Snap Slide." It looks like it would be the best fit for my Taurus PT pro. I have not found a single holster as yet that is made to fit my choice of CC gun.

  11. I would have to go for the super tuck deluxe for a 5" 1911. looks like a comfortable rig.

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