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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. I like the right hand, super tuck deluxe for my Kahr PM9 because I have heard they are a quality super comfortable holster and I want to try one out.

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    Concealed handgun Holster Giveaway

    I'd like to enter the Crossbreed Holster contest. The holster selection would be:
    the Mini-tuck Holster, left hand, Horsehide natural, for a Keltec P3AT pistol.
    Living in the Houston area and with high crime rates, especially at Churches, It would be easier for me to be able to carry with such a holster rather than just in my pocket. I am a minister with a church in a volatile area; we have been robbed before and have several break in's in both vehicles and the church. Thank you for giveaway contests, I think they encourage the average person to be more prepared in the times that we live in.

    Bob Reese

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    Thumbs up Crossbreed giveaway

    For me it would be a RH Super Tuck in Horsehide for my new carry piece, a Smith & Wesson 1911 ES. I've seen many good things written about this holster.
    If I don't win one I will probably be ordering one anyway. Thanks for making these great giveaways avilable to us!
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  5. I'd love a Super Tuck Deluxe. I have thought about ordering one for years but due to carrying two totally different firearms depending on time of year I have neglected to get one for either weapon.

  6. I wish to have a RH Supertuck deluxe with the combat cut for a Sringfield XD sub compact. Iwant this holster because it is the best functioning one on the market today!

  7. Super Tuck Deluxe for XDM 9mm 3.8

  8. cross bread bolster give away

    the mini tuck if it comes for the kimber crminson ultra carry 2...or the super tuck..all look great and high quality

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    Torn between the two...

    I like the SuperTuck Deluxe (right hand) for my XD-45 (if it fits) and I like the MiniTuck (left hand) for my Walther PK-380. (waffle, waffle) I will go with the SuperTuck Deluxe.

    JJ Swiontek
    Denver, CO

  10. Crossbreed Holster

    No second thoughts. This the best holster available, in my opinion. I would take a Super Tuck Deluxe for my Kimber Pro Carry II made with horsehide because I sweat alot. Also, the horsehide can be moistened and worn until it dries on your hip. This makes an already great fit perfect. I would not want the combat cut because it sacrifices too much comfort. I would also go with both V clips and the J clips so that I have the flexibility between concealment and stability. Thanks, Paul

  11. Holster Giveaway

    Definitely a SuperTuck Deluxe with horsehide for my H&K P2000SK. I need a good IWB concealment holster that will hold up and not break down from sweat and provides good security and deep concealment.

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