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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    Right Hand or Left Hand:Right
    Holster Color/Leather:Cowhide Black
    Gun:1911 WITH Rail, ALL except Taurus
    Combat Cut?:No
    Velcro V-Clips:No
    J-Clips:Yes (Add $10)

    I've tested one and I am able to use it appendix carry or 3:30 and it is the most comfortable holster I've ever worn.

    John Gillaspy

  3. Cancel Carry Giveway

    I choose the Super Tuck Deluxe, because it looks like the most comfortable and best design I have ever seen.

  4. I'd go with the SuperTuck Deluxe in cowhide black for my Glock19. I think that I would go with the J-clips because they don't stand out as much. Good Luck to everyone!

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    Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe of course! How else would one comfortably pack a full size 1911 ?
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    Need to Win

    CrossBreed Super deluxe for a Glock 23 right hand, this would give me an excuse to buy a subcompact.


  7. Right hand Super tuck deluxe for my Springfield XD subcompact. Most of the other holsters I have for this weapon just plain stink.

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    Super Tuck Deluxe for Smith M&Pc

  9. I 'd be interested in the following:

    SuperTuck Deluxe
    Cowhide Black
    S&W M&P semi-auto
    Combat Cut

  10. RIght handed SuperTuck for Taurus 92 w/Rail. I think I might want to start to carry this one for a while.
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    Right hand Super Tuck Deluxe in horsehide natural (for the humidity in Florida) for the Ruger LCR! Normally carry on the belt but this looks like it would be much more concealable and very comfortable to.


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