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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    Right hand Super Tuck deluxe for my soon to be purchased Sig P220 ... yup.

    I already own two of these - one for my Colt Commander, & one for my Sig P239. They are the most comfortable holsters I own.

  3. Thumbs up Crossbreed Giveaway

    There sure are a lot of super-tuck fans here; I'm going to have to go with the SnapSlide right handed for a Glock 23.

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    THE SUPER TUCK DELUX for a Trurus 24/7 !
    "I don't want to ever shoot anyone . . .
    but I want bad guys to leave my family and me alone!"

  5. Super Tuck Deluxe

    I have two right now that I use for my Kimber Ultra Carry and my Walther PPS. These are great holsters. I'd love to have one for one of my full size guns. If I win I'd like to have the super tuck deluxe with the horse hide leather for the sig p220

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    Amazing, I was just looking at holsters last night and then got this email today. This was the holster that I kept coming back to over and over again! Win or not, I will be getting a Supertuck Deluxe for my 4" Springfield XD9. It would be nice to win it, though!

    I was sold on the concealability and comfort when I saw this video of this woman concealing in different outfits. If it can conceal on her, with those tight clothes, it should be no problem for me.

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    Cross Breed Holsters Rock

    Already having 4 Cross Breed Holsters, I know exactly what I want for my next one. A Super Tuck for a S&W, horsehide with V hooks.

    I first saw a Super Tuck while visiting a supplier to the company I retired from. I had no idea this guy was carrying a full size 1911 around under his light shirt.
    My first Super Tuck was cowhide and fit a Walther PPk. This is a great combination, the pistol disappears and I often forgot I had it on. This is still one of my favorite warm weather CCW set-ups

    My next was for the Sig 225 P6 9mm. I started carrying in the cooler weather because I wanted something that would work when perps wore heavy coats and jackets and the 380ACP is just too small in my opinion. This is also a very nice set-up which again disappeared under a thin shirt.

    My third Super Tuck was for my wheel gun - S&W M&P 340, this time I ordered the horsehide which is well worth the extra $10. This is the first J frame holster that actually made carrying the bulky wheel gun comfortable. This sit up is my primary CCW set-up, choosing the wheel gun for their infamous reliability over any semi-auto.

    The last Super Tuck I bought was for my 1911's. It fits all three of them perfectly, the officers, commander and full size. This rig is my go to cold weather set-up since one of those 1911's are a 460 Rowland which will poke through anything a scumbag is wearing.

    All of my holsters came with the over the belt steel clips. I changed the Walther holster to V clips which work great if I am wearing my heavy belt with the Velcro backer. I put J clips on the Sig holster and found that it works great, so I changed my wheel gun to J Clips too. The steel clips were noticed by more people than I liked, even though I had a black belt (mandatory or the clips really stand out). The J clips have only been noticed by my family that I am aware of. The V clips disappear but require the heavy belt with the Velcro back. I would like another holster for both the revolver and my 1911's with the alternate clips so I do not have to change the clips when I wear something that does not allow the heavy belt or with summer clothing.

    One of my favorite things about the Super Tuck is that I can easily move it to a cross draw position to wear when driving.

    Great holsters and excellent customer service.
    If you are reading this, thank every veteran you meet for securing our freedom of speech, but most importantly pray for the families of those who gave all so that our families could be free from tyranny and oppression.

  8. I would like a Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe, horsehide, J-clips, right-handed, for a Glock 27. I need a IWB holster for the CCW permit I just obtained. Thanks

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    A Super Tuck for my P2000sk right hand with clips. I have been reading about them for a while and would like to give it a try. It should also work with my P2000 getting double duty.


  10. Crossbreed SuperTuck, RH, HorseHide, Glock 26, Combat Cut.

    I own a crossbreed in cowhide for my G23 and love it, but a horsehide one with combat cut would be great for those sweaty summer days in just a t-shirt!!

  11. 2. Super tuck deluxe, right hand draw, fullsize 1911.
    3. My shoulder holster works, but is too big for my body size. Concealment is a bear sometimes in hot weather. (90F and up)

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