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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    Kindda liking the SuperTuck Deluxe. Need one for an SP101 and a G31.

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    Quick Clip right hand for bodyguard .38
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    Give away

    Definitely a right hand Super Tuck for my Glock 23. Tried a friends and he had to almost shoot me to get it back. Just loved it.

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    Cool Super Tuck Deluxe

    I live in South Florida and nobody but bankers wear jackets. It's very difficult to conceal a weapon in one's waistband while wearing a troical weight shirt. At present, I carry a Barretta .25 in a pocket holster or sometimes in my jeans back pocket, solely because of its size and the ability to conceal it.

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    SuperTuck Deluxe for XD40

    I would definitely go for the SuperTuck Deluxe for my XD40 (right hand draw) I purchased last month. I've wasted a lot of money these last few years trying to find a conceal holster that is practical, comfortable, easily accesible, and most importantly conceals well. These last few months I've done a lot of research on these IWB holsters and it seems like these are the real deal. Thanks for the opportunity. If i'm not chosen, I may just have to get one anyway
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  7. Supertuck deluxe right hand in horsehide for M&P 45 Fullsize. Because they are UGLY!

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    Supertuck Holster

    I like the look of the Supertuck deluxe holster for it's concealability and comfort. I too have an inventory of holsters aquired over time and just want to narrow down to the best for the situation.

  9. this is my 1st post ever online never done befor. this seems like good time to try. i like a super tuck deluxe horsehide right hand for glock 17 gen 3.

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    Nice contest!

    I'd like to go with a right hand in cowhide black for an FNH FNP9 with the combat cut. The reason being is I recently obtained my CCH permit from the sherriff and don't yet own a holster to carry.

    Aside from that I have heard nothing but great reviews and feedback on Crossbreed holsters. Plus it's almost invisible according to the videos on their site. A great product!


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    Colt .380 government model

    I may try the Mini-Tuck for my Colt .380 government model. Crossbreed should provide a bit more info on these holsters - specifically if one designed for the Colt Mustang will also fit the .380 government model with its larger magazine and longer barrel.

    I'm also wondering why the .380 Govt. is not listed in some of the other offerings as well.

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