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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    Concealed Holster

    My choice = SuperTuck Deluxe
    Right Hand
    Shooting supplies and the best range in N. CA.; = Field Shotgun, Action pistol thru 1,000 yard rifle (12 ranges) @

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    Crossbreed Qwik Clip

    I currently own three left hand draw CrossBreed holsters. The SuperTuck and QwikClip for my Glock 27, and a QwikClip for my Walther PPK/S. Love the holsters but the clip on my G27 Qwikclip broke the other day. I guess it lasted a year and a half. Not bad considering I wore it almost everyday.

    P.S. I just called CrossBreed because I could not find a replacement clip on thier web site. The nice lady there said to send them an e-mail and they would send me a replacement clip, gratis! Good people at CrossBreed!!!!
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  4. I'd like the right handed super tuck deluxe for my kel tec P11 cause I don't currently have one.

  5. Righthand Supertuck deluxe Horsehide for Glock 27.

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    I'll have to go with the Super Tuck Deluxe in horse hide, right hand for a full size 1911.

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    Hello, I do not have a crossbreed yet but I would love to win a Super Tuck Deluxe, right hand draw, cow hide, standard clip for a Springfield XDm 3.8 9 mm.

    I have been reading and have watched videos on the Super Tuck Deluxe . I would be thrilled to win such a great prize.

    Thank you for offering such a great prize in a tough economy.

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    Right hand Supertuck Deluxe in black for Sig P245. Chose it for comfort and because it will fit my P245, which isn't the easiest to find a holster for.

  9. Wink concealed holster giveway

    bedside model..being a woman good to have nuff said

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    I could really use a supertuck deluxe left side for my Taurus 24/7

  11. Super Tuck Deluxe left hand in horsehide for my new PF-9 with my new concealed carry permit, would be great for the hot summers here in MS.

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