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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. Left Hand Mini Tuck for my Kel Tec...

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    I chose the supertuck Delux to comfortably hold my Glock 19 because... It's great holster that's rugged and snug.
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    Supertuck Deluxe - Right Hand for Ruger SR9c  7754
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    I would like to try the IWB supertuck right hand, if available for a Colt Detective Special. Not too many wheel gun holsters on the market today.

  6. I would like the righthanded SuperTuck Deluxe for my Glock22 since I do not own a holster yet.

  7. Contest Entry--Super Tuck!

    The RH Super Tuck Delux Cowhide will be best. The weight distribution benefit, as well as the concealment value, appear very strong (Glock 19).

  8. Holster Giveaway

    Hey, I would choose the Super Tuck Deluxe for my Para Warthog .45. I am older and need the comfort that I hope would come from a holster like this. I also need that super tuck capability because I live in California but I don't like always leaving my shirt tail out (makes me look



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    Crossbreed Giveaway

    A right hand Super Tuck for my Sig 239 will be a great birthday present.
    Thanks in advance,

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    BedSide Backup!

    I chose the BedSide Backup because here in Hawai'i, only the bad guys and police are allowed to carry concealed....or carry at all! This way I won't need to unlock my guncase and take out my firearm from UNDER my bed, as if an intruder will take a time-out and give me a chance to do that!
    As a former police officer here I know how important our rights to carry are and am very frustrated that people here just don't get it! I've lived in WA and have a CCW permit and I miss being able to protect myself and family no matter where I went. Hopefully, one day, law makers here will awake from their stupor and allow us law-abiding citizens to carry, either openly or concealed, so the bad guys will finally feel intimidated, instead of the other way around! Mahalo (thank you)!

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    Crossbreed Holster

    I'll take the Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe / Horsehide / Right Hand / Glock 27.
    This is the BEST concealed carry hoster I've ever seen!

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