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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    Holster giveaway

    Another giveaway...very nice! Thank you!

    I would opt for a right hand Super Tuck Deluxe, horse hide natural for my Taurus PT-145.

    I have a black one for my old pistol and the black dye comes off when I sweat.

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    Thumbs up conceal carry holster give away

    Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe right hand for Ruger LCP.I like the way it carries the handgun and ease of use.
    Thanks, justme2202

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    I am ready to move to an ITW holster. I've been using a Fobus paddle for years, but need something that conceals better. A RH Supertuck in horsehide with spare set of J hooks should do the job (I sweat alot so the horsehide is the definite choice for me). Made to fit my G17 so I should also be able to carry my G26 in it.

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    Super tuck deluxe for xd subcompact

    Super tuck deluxe for xd subcompact. Then I can carry in the summer as well!

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    If I win I would want the Supertuck Deluxe with the velcro attachments for my XD-9sc. I already have two Supertuck Deluxes for my S&W 1911PD and SA XD-9. I also have the belt. The holster is great. I use it reguilarly and find it extremely comfortable, easy and safe to carry in with great retention and very easy to present from. I recently obtained my California CCW and am planning to get another Supertuck Deluxe for carry in that state. I am already covered pretty much in the entire Western US which is where I do most of my travel. Winning a Supertuck Deluxe would be great in that I would just go and buy another for another of my guns or else get another belt.
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  7. Luke,

    Would love to have the Super Tuck Deluxe RH for my Springfield XD 40 subcompact. This holster looks like it would be perfect for summer concealment. Just got my CCW a month ago.


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    Crossbreed Holster

    I would choose the RH SuperTuck Deluxe for my Sig P250. I tried one out on loan from a friend, and it was very comfortable.

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    Right hand Super Tuck Deluxe for a Kimber Ultra Carry II.

    Why, because I have the handgun now, I would like to carry it IWB and the current holster for it is not as comfortable as the Super Tuck....

  10. Talking

    SuperTuck Deluxe Right Hand for me and my H&K USP Compact 40. Looks like a real quality rig..


  11. CrossBreed Holsters

    The right handed Super Tuck Deluxe would be just right for me.
    It seems to fit comfortably.

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