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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. SuperTuck Deluxe

    Right hand SuperTuck Deluxe

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    I like the right handed Super Tuck Deluxe because it looks very comfortable. My Taurus 709 Slim will look really good in it.

  4. Right hand Mini Tuck for the Ruger LCP for me. I am waiting on my concealed permit and I think I want to start out with that gun for CCW.

  5. Super Tuck Deluxe

    I have to go with the super tuck deluxe rh for a sig226. Looks comfy, fully adjustable height and cant and their most popular so it has to be ok, right?

  6. SuperTuck Deluxe for the 1911, looks like a nice fit

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    Left hand Supertuck for Sig P250,Beretta M9 S/W 4006 or SW MP40
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  8. Right hand SuperTuck for my new Glock 30SF, please...I already have a QuikClip for my G27, and need a sturdy, comfortable nest for the biigger pistol.
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  9. bondsman1112

    The Cross breed super tuck for my Ruger sr9-c

  10. SnapSlide

    well i like the SnapSlide black right hand i think that with a hevey gun like a PX4 storm 40 s&w with it being right on the belt i think that it would feel better and sit better.

  11. Right hand Super Tuck....... SR9; be great for those hot summer days

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