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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. Left-hand Super Tuck for a 3" Kimber!!!

  3. I choose the SuperTuck Deluxe for my S&W 38. I hike a lot and it work well.

  4. This one! ;-)

    The Super Tuck Deluxe, so I can carry the Glock 21SF safely and comfortably, rather than the flimsy IWB holster I'm currently using.

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    LH SuperTuck Deluxe for the 1911 Commander
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  6. I would like the SuperTuck Deluxe -- it is the CCW holster I would like to try next. An tuckable IWB design may work best for me -- need to try one on. Right handed for Springfield XD Compact 5", please

  7. SuperTuck Delux, Right Hand, Horsehide for S&W 3913 with J-Clips.

    Why, it's the perfect CCW setup for me. I cannot imagine a better, more comfortable daily wear holster.

  8. Crossbreed Supretuck

    I would love a super tuck for my Kimber super carry pro (4",1911). I have one for my XDm 3.8 and love it!!!!

  9. Super tuck deluxe for my Kahr PM9 or my S&W M&P 40C. I love both guns and usually can't decide which one to carry most of the time. The M&P with 10 rounds of .40 cal is favorite if my clothing allows. This holster may make that a more common event.

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    I would choose the SuperTuck Deluxe as my carry is a little to big for the mini.

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    Supertuck Delux for SW J-frame. Right hand. I have one for my Kimber 1911 and i would like to carry the "J" as the weather gets warmer and dropped in the pocket is not always the best way when you wear light weight clothing.


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