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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    Well, let's see... I carry a full size 1911 and I'm a 68 year old fairly little guy at 5'8" and 185 lbs... So, the Inside the waistband deluxe super tuck looks like it would be the most comfortable for an old guy... As you said, I already have a bunch of holsters collecting dust in the collection... my current holster is a IWB clip on that works just fine... It's getting a little worn after some 20 years of use - but I'll probably keep using it until it falls apart. (and I've got another one just like it, new in the plastic, for when the current one does wear out.) So - if I win yours it will likely collect dust too... but, like everybody else, free would be nice and (maybe) it would even get used...
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  3. i would get the 9mm glock dual mag carrier. i already have a crossbreed for my glock and my LCP, and love them very much!

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    If I win, my holster of choice from them would be a Right Hand SuperTuck Deluxe with the combat cut and the additional J-clips.

  5. Crossbreed holster giveaway

    Right hand Crossbreed supertuck for Ruger SR9

    I have had freinds comment that it is the most comfortable holster they have ever worn. I usually am surprised to find out they are carrying at the time.

  6. The SuperTuck Deluxe right hand for a Glock 23 fits me perfectly. Good blend of concealment, caliber and capacity.

  7. I would have to pick the right handed cowhide Supertuck for my Kel-tec PF9, since I have 3 Supertucks for other guns. Crossbreeds are the only holsters I use.

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    Right hand Super Tuck Deluxe for a Glock 27. Its hard to find a comfortable IWB for it. I'm told this is the best holster out there.

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    Cool Please Pick ME! - I need a Supertuck Delux


    I am drooling over the Supertuck Delux and have been for some time for my XD Sub Compact 9mm. I do some EP work and need a lower profile way to carry on some occasions down here in super-humid Florida.

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    Black Super Tuck Deluxe Right hand standard clips for Taurus PT145. I got one for my wife for her birthday and am jealous. My IWB from another manufacturer doesn't hold a candle to the STD.
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    Pick ME! * waving non-draw hand *

    I am definitely lusting after the Supertuck Deluxe (right) for a Beretta 9000. It is very hard to find a decent CC holster for this firearm.

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