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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. I need BOTH

    I have a Taurus PT709 and Kahr P40 and K40. So i need the Mini TucK and Super Tuck. I change the carry gun to fit the situation.

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    I'd like the Super Tuck Deluxe as described below because I own one for an XD and love it, but need one for a 1911.

    Right Hand
    Cowhide Black Holster Color/Leather
    Gun 1911
    Combat Cut? Nope
    Velcro V-Clips Nope
    J-Clips Yep

    Thanks for the opportunity!
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    Looking for the best way to carry my Colt .45, SNAP SLIDE!

  5. my choice

    My choice is the SuperTuck Deluxe for the Taurus PT709.

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    Holster giveaway

    Right hand supertuck, horsehide, for Sig P229 w/o rail.
    Why? Because that is what I would like to carry!

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    Crossbreed Holster

    I would pick the right handed Qwikclip for my SR9c because it's small and can have the cant modified. It's also small enough to take off and put in a vehicle when going into a no carry zone.

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    cross breed holster

    I want the SuperTuck Deluxe for my SA XD .40 sub cuz I have a skinny butt & most IWB holsters make my Wranglers SAG!

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    Super tuck deluxe for the big and bad G30

  10. Cross Breed SuperTuck Deluxe. Black, right-hand for Ruger SR9.


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    This is the one I would like to win.
    SuperTuck Deluxe
    Right Hand
    Horsehide Natural
    Gun:Glock 17,19,21,22,23 and similar
    Combat Cut
    Velcro V-Clips

    I went with horse hide due to it not absorbing sweat as for the added clips I figured if the V clips did not work well I could then try the J clips. I am hoping that the v clips work well being that it removes the two clips from the belt so it will be harder for people to tell I am CCWing.

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