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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    The MiniTuck looks like the ideal concealed option for my Ruger LCP.

  3. SuperTuck Deluxe

    The SuperTuck Deluxe would fit my Ruger LCR just right! I like the full leather back that completely protects the whole gun from the skin -- including the grip.

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    The right hand supertuck for my Sig P225 and or one for my full size 1911. Just started carrying IWB and I like it.

  5. Crossbread holster

    I think the SuperTuck would best fit my needs as it is adjustable for ride depth and cant. I would be carrying a Taurus PT145, which is a nicely concealable, although somewhat thick firearm.

  6. I have been looking at getting a SuperTuck Deluxe for a couple of months now and this would be great. A right hand horsehide for a Springfield XDm with V-clips.

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    SuperTuck Deluxe for me!

    For my American Classic 1911 Commander. Should work for my future S&W Subcompact scandium, too. Horsehide, since sweating is an issue. Thanks!

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    I already have the only Crossbreed Holster that fits my gun (and LOVE it!), so I would really like to have one of their gun belts to go with it! Black, size 32 please?

    EDIT: Or if the gun belt isn't part of the giveaway, I would love a horsehide backing (backing only!) for my Supertuck Deluxe. Thanks again!

    Thanks for the chance! I'm glad I found this place!


  9. Smile

    Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post

    Last month I gave out a free Ruger LCP in the first Concealed Carry Handgun Giveaway by USA Carry. This month I'm running a Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway. I'm giving away 2 concealed carry holsters by Crossbreed Holsters. You pick which one of their holster you want if you win and we'll cover the cost and shipping!

    If you are like me then you probably have tons of holsters so why not add another one to the mix right? And Crossbreed makes awesome concealed carry holsters. Just take a look at the poll here and you'll see Crossbreed holsters is by far the most popular holster among the users on USA Carry. And I also use a Supertuck Deluxe for my Glock 26. This is definitely a holster that won't just sit at the bottom of your holster pile.

    How to be eligible for the Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway:

    1. Go to Crossbreed Holsters
    2. Figure out which holster you would want
    3. Post to this thread which holster you picked and why.

    THAT'S IT!

    I'll pick two of the replies at random as the winners.

    To get Bonus Entries you must post a reply and be a USA Carry Site Supporter:
    Bronze Supporter = Additional 5 Entries
    Silver Supporter = Additional 10 Entries
    Gold Supporter = Additional 15 Entries

    The more people that know about our giveaways then the more giveaways we can have! I'm sure most of you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account and for sure all have an email so let's get this out there everyone! Send a link to this Concealed Carry Holster and help spread the word!

    Rules and Legal Requirements:
    1. You must have an account here at USA Carry. Register here for free
    2. Post a reply to this thread stating which Crossbreed Holster you would like to win.
    2. The winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries. If you are chosen and we are unable to contact you, we will choose another winner.
    3. Your name, city, and state will be revealed in an announcement on our website.

    I would get this one! SuperTuck Deluxe, because it would suit my carry needs for my xd40 subcompact.

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    Crossbreed Snap Slide for either a Glock 21SF, 1911 Compact or Kel Tec PF9.

    I carry OWB under loose fitting shirts most of the time, or IWB in a Remora holster, which, no insult to Crossbreed, I found to be more comfortable that their SuperTuck.

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    Right handed Supertuck for full-sized 1911 SA Combat

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