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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    Right Hand Side Mini-Tuck for Ruger LCP... Just bought the gun, have a pocket holster but that IWB would work great for dress pants when the occasion calls for it.

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    I have a Right Hand Side Mini-Tuck for Ruger LCP and I love it. I would love to get a Super Tuck Deluxe for my Springfield XD-9.

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    How I would LOVE to own a Cross Bread SuperTuck Deluxe for my brand new XD40 (4" barrel). I'd like it Right Hand, Combat Cut, in Horsehide (if that's not being greedy).

    I've been searching this site for concealed holsters and reading everyone's preferences, likes and dislikes. So many brands and types of holsters to choose from! But most often I see SuperTuck being mentioned in glowing reports.

    It looks like a great design, with great options. The videos that owners have posted showing off their SuperTuck have convinced me that the SuperTuck Deluxe is the best inside waist band holster for me!

    And you can't beat the warranty...two week 'trial' period in case you really don't like it...and a LIFETIME Warranty!

    They can't offer that kind of guarantee and warranty unless this holster was top quality! Sounds like just the kind of holster I'm looking for, and just the kind of company I want to support.


  5. I like the look of the Super Tuck Deluxe. I need something that doesn't shift around on me and I'm frequently around people in my work...not good to have to 'adjust' my rig all day. I carry a Glock G36, so I want something with good trigger guard coverage. The Super Tuck Deluxe has it all covered.

  6. super tuck deluxe right hand for xd 9mm. reason if from people who have used them say they are the best in their class. Very comfortable!

  7. SuperTuck Deluxe

    SuperTuck Deluxe IWB right handed just got the new FNX-40 and it kind of bulges out i think iwb will be the way to go.

  8. Crossbreed

    Left-handed Mini-Tuck for me, for my S&W BG380. Lethal enough, easy to hide, be nice to hide it somewhere other than my back pocket for a change!

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    SuperTuck Deluxe, Right Handed for my Taurus 24/7 Pro Compact. Horsehide preferable

  10. I love carrying my XDm 3.8 in my SuperTuck Deluxe. It sure would be nice to get one for my wife's Para Hawg 9.

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    Talking crossbreed holsters

    i would love to win a crossbreed holster. super tuck for my kahr w laser.

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