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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. I'd like to have a Crossbreed Super tuck

    I'd like to have a Cross breed Super tuck Combat cut for a CZ85 Combat (the CZ 75 holster should fit, but an 85 has an AMBI safety and slide release...) Right Hand in Horse hide would be preferred!!
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    WOW! Another free giveaway! Thanks!

    CrossBreed holster giveaway

    SuperTuck Deluxe
    Right Hand
    Holster Color/Leather: Cowhide Black
    Gun:Springfield .380 1911
    Combat Cut?: No

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    I'd love to get the MIni Tuck!
    My pocket holster is wearing out!!
    By the way.. I loved the tank top demo....

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    concealed holster

    Since only one is available, I think I would take a "Mini Tuck" w/ J hooks. to accommodate my LCP. Mighty kind of you Luke!

  6. Holster giveaway

    I would like the right-hand Supertuck Deluxe Holster for a Kahr PM40,with Crimson Trace, as I carry it with me all day. Thanks for the great offers, and information. The little Kahr can ride in style!!!

  7. The right hand Super Tuck Deluxe!! I normaly use a Blackhawk and it's a good holster made of fine leather,But the gun is either geting hit on the end of the barrel when i get in and out of the car and jamming into my side,I like the idea of it being tucked in,Look's like a kick butt holster!!!By the way S.F. M-1911 .45 Auto 5inch"Just in case I win"

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    I've already got a SuperTuck (love it!), so I'd like OWB Mag Carrier Dual in black for XD40, if that's not stretching the rules too much.

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    Cross Breed Holster

    Super tuck Deluxe for a Browning HP
    Right hand
    No combat cut


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    Thumbs up Snap slide

    The snap slide looks to be the best for my little Taurus millenium 9mm but I would want the natural horse hide for that extra good look. I am big guy at 275lb. so the i/s waistband is hard to work for me but this close hugging o/s looks like the one I use everyday only the Crossbreed looks to be a much nicer one.

  11. I would love to have this holster for my 9 mm, Glock 26. This is a very nice holster and it looks great too.


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