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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. The MiniTuck, but...

    I would love to chose the MiniTuck for my Kel-tec P32 but, I have the ArmaLaser installed (which I love) and no one is making any of the standard holsters for teh P32's w/ the ArmaLaser - only the Crimson Trace.

    I know the Crimson Trace is probably more commercially popular but the difference in the holster should be minimal. Stuck w/ either building my own, or getting a custom one built for now.

    If I win a MiniTuck, I guess i will just have to buy a new gun for it... Honest dear, I had do..

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    I like the CrossBreed Super Tuck Deluxe in a left handed holster for my Taurus PT145. I've hear so much about the CrossBreed holster that I'd like to give it a tryout. Thank You Luke for this opportunity.
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  4. I would enjoy the supertuck deluxe, Left handed for a SR9.

    I have a new gun so I need a new holster.

  5. The SuperTuck deluxe for a leftie.

    This design of holster is predicated on being super wearable/comfortable for every day use...and that is what we need to do. Those of us who wear every day understand the importance of a holster you don't mind picking up and putting on, without gritting your teeth and the SuperTuck is just such a holster.


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    Right hand Supertuck Deluxe for my full size XD 9mm would work for me.
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  7. Talking Holster giveaway

    I would dfinately like to win the supertuck holster, as I don't own any small guns, and as for the bed holster, well, my shotgun is always within reach at night instead.

  8. Contest

    Definitely a Left Handed SuperTuck Deluxe for my Glock 27. I've just started CCing again and as I'm sure everyone is, I'm trying to find the perfect holster.

  9. Thumbs up SuperTuck Delexe

    I would love the right handed SuperTuck Delexe as both of my handguns are on the list. It looks like a great holster. I like the video showing you can tuck your shirt in which I can't do with my current holster.

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    Right hand Super Tuck for Glock 30SF

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    I especially like that Crossbreed has not forgotten the left handed people. I would like to try the Super Tuck Deluxe in the left handed model for my 1911 Gold Cup. I have never found a concealed carry holster for this pistol that is both concealable and comfortable. Theirs looks like it fits the bill!

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