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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. Talking

    Its the super tuck deluxe in right hand for my Bersa .380 or for my Bersa mini.40FireStorm Pro. thanks But I never win anything. so good luck to the winners

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  3. super tuck!

    The right hand, as my wife has started to carry but hasn't found a way to conceal the Bersa Thunder 380! I think the super tuck would be perfect for her!

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    Mini not Maxi

    I just visited the crssbreed site for the first time and I'm totally amazed at how ugly and funtional they appear to be. The Mini and or the bedside would be my choice, not because I don't like the other models, but rather because I'm more comfortable with an outside the belt carry. My disabilities sometime limit other types and my current holster was custom built for me.

    My second reason is I believe my wife would be more comfortable with a nitestand style as we live in the country. The other night our security system announced something was setting off a sensor. We soon found out it was something else emitting the sound but she didn't go back to sleep. Thank you for your support in getting decent legislation that is based upon facts not falsehoods.

  5. right hand Supertuck for my FN 5.7 ... would finally like too get a decent conceal holster

  6. SuperTuck

    I use on for my G38. GREAT holster. Need one for my G17.

  7. Exclamation My choice would be the New Bedside Back-up!

    I could see myself using it for travel, camping and for deer camp. It looks to be very versitle. When traveling the bedside tables are not all the same, so the bedside back-up would make for a more uniform set up, for quicker access. For me that's very important when traveling alone and being startled while asleep. I currently have a CZ 70, but have been shopping for around for another, smaller weapon, for travel.

  8. Exclamation Crossbreed Holster contest.

    I pick the Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe. I use IWB holsters that I make myself. They have been modeled after several combinations that seem to be more usable for me. I recently acquired a Kel-Tec PF9, proceeded to fashion an IWB for it designed after the one I use for my P11 which has always been very comfortable and handy. It's complete but it just doesn't feel right, and have done serveral mods but to no avail. I'm ready to try a belt clip now. I think the super tuck deluxe probably would be the closest thing I could imagine for convenience, comfort and accessibility, and my last stop before I go the a belt clip. So I'm ready!! Thanks.
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  9. Concealed Carry Holster

    I chose the Super Tuck Deluxe for my Springfield XD9 SC because the people I know that have one highly recommend it.

  10. SuperTuck Deluxe for a 1911. Why? Why would carry anything but, the 1911 been working for 100 years no reason to change now.

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    Super Tuck: Great Quality with Options to Please!

    I like what I read about the Super Tuck. Compared to other holsters, it's clip has a corrosion and chip proof coating. This will definitely help prevent signs of wear. If the holster fits well and is comfortable like people say it is, you will be wearing it as often as you put on your boots or sneakers so you'll want it to stay in pretty good shape. Having the choice of 3 different style clips for your carry preference is also a plus.

    For those having a few extra pounds like me, I really like being able to adjust the ride height and cant. It means a lot. So many holsters are designed for the "One Size Fits All" Marketing Strategy. Ugh! It's nice to have the option to adjust to your body type. It also sounds like the Super Tuck has excellent retention without the use of those annoying straps based on feedback too. I don't use any rig with straps because you don't have time to clear them when seconds count.

    Cross Breed must really have an excellent rig and believe in their product as compared to the competition to offer a buy back guarantee and life time warranty. I'm sure you might be like me and many others, or at least know of people like us, who have a closet full of holsters they bought thinking they would work for them and they didn't. Ever try returning the ones that didn't? The Cross Breed guarantee minimizes any risk and cost to me, so why should anyone doubt the product?

    I've been looking for the ideal holster for my PPS. I think I found it. My thanks to USA Carry for making me aware of this terrific company and holster!

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