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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    Crossbreed Giveaway

    I would get a right hand SuperTuck Deluxe in horsehide without the combat cut for my Glock 23. I have planned on getting one anyway because as a narcotics officer I carry concealed everyday. I want the CrossBreed holster because of the meaning behind the name. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ also! Any company that has strong Christian beliefs is what I like to support.

  3. night train

    i want the super tuck deluxe for my glock and sig 40 cal, which i carry everyday?

  4. A Supertuck for a full size M&P 40 would be excellent!

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    Holster Giveaway

    I would like the Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe. It is getting to be warmer weather and wearing a jacket is not very comfortable to conceal my weapon. I would like this holster to be able to continue to carry in the summer weather and not have to worry about concealment.

  6. super tuck is the best by far iam a male small stature and it would be a great fit for me

  7. SuperTuck is the only way to go.

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    Super Tuck Deluxe ,Horse Hide, Right Hand, XDM, J-clips, Looks like a great holster. I carry a 380, but would like to carry my XDM

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    Great holster.

    I have a rh horse hide super tuck deluxe and am quite pleased. My choice is for a left hand horse hide super tuck deluxe with j hooks. Thanx.
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    crossbreed holsters

    i find that these holsters are the most comfortable to wear for any length of time

  11. Right hand SuperTuck Deluxe for Ruger LCR. I used to be athletic and could run from a threat. Now I'm old with arthritis and can't move very well. I just bought the Ruger LCR for personal defense and got my Utah 30 state CCW since I travel quite a bit. I don't own a holster yet and from all accounts the Crossbreed Supertuck gets the most raves. I think that would be the best choice for carrying concealed every day. Aloha.

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