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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    holster giveaway

    As I live in NJ, it is almost impossible to obtain a carry permit, so I chose the bedside holster for home protection.
    The security it would give me (having a gun readily available, not scrounging for one in the middle of the night** would be wonderful.

  3. CrossBreed Holster Giveaway

    I've retired from LEA and have been looking at the CrossBreed Holsters. I could use a SuperTuck Deluxe for an Compact H&K USP 40.

  4. Cool Crossbreed giveaway

    I'll be different than most. I would like the OWB for 5" Kimber Crimson Carry. I find IWB holsters uncomfortable with jeans. I just wear my shirt tail over it or my riding jacket.

  5. QwikClip, black, righthand for a 1911 no rail. Or for a Ruger LC9 if available.

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    Post I'd like to get a crossbreed holster.

    I like the QwikClip for my Kimber Tactical Pro ll. Right hand black cowhide.

  7. Crossbreed supertuck deluxe in horsehair with j clips for a CZ 82/83.

  8. Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe for my Glock 19 because I just got my CCW.

  9. I'd go with the SuperTuck Deluxe for my new H&K USP 45 compact

    I just picked it up last week and I haven't gotten a good carry holster for it yet :)

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    SuperTuck Deluxe Right Hand. Have one already for Bersa Thunder, now need one for
    Ruger SR9c. They are great holsters

  11. I would choose the SuperTuck Deluxe. It looks hot on the model!

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