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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    March Crossbreed giveaway.

    I would definitely get the SuperTuck Deluxe. I have a Glock 37 and I use it as a CCW I have yet to find a holster to carry it comfortably. I have returned one holster from a well know manufacturer. And I am left with a belly band for now, but summers coming and the g37 will print with just a t-shirt with that holster. So I would love to get a SuperTuck Deluxe.

    Thank you,
    Dan V

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    I would choose a SnapSlide Right Hand for S&W 3913 because I have not been able to find a holster for this classic pistol that I like.

  4. The QuickClip works great for someone who likes to grab and go and is compelled to because of work environment.

  5. Cross Breed Holster

    I'd Love to get the SuperTuck Delux for the Glock 26, in black. I've been looking for a holster that has adjustable cant and depth. The main reason I like this Cross Breed Holster is the steel mounting hardware and steel Clip. Most holsters are made with cheap plastic clips that just don't do the job. I'd LOVE to have this holster! ~ [email protected]

  6. RH QUICK CLIP FOR A SIG 239 .40 . Whats not to like.

  7. Supertuck Deluxe would be great for my XD45

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    Concealed Carry Holster

    I have purchased one holster since I got my carry permit 2 years ago. It was a cheap tuck-IWB and it sucks. So, instead, I have been carrying my "Liberty Tool" in my coat pocket, pants pocket or tucked into my belt.

    I'm unemployed and would really appreciate a CrossBreed Right Hand SuperTuck Deluxe in Cowhide Black for a Glock 26, 27, 29 and similar (that's the closest size to my Kel-Tec P11) with no Combat Cut, no Velcro V-Clips and no J-Clips.

    Thanks for your great website and thanks for this opportunity to get a well-made IWB that will work for me without printing.

    PA Dutch Country

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    I would definately like the Right Hand Supertuck Deluxe for a Glock 22 40 cal..
    sure looks to be a great holster for any off duty carrying that anyone needs to do.

  10. A Super Tuck for my Colt 45. I don't think it is an ugly holster.

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    Thumbs up Supertuck Deluxe would be great for my ACP 45

    Being new to the world of hand gunns and concealed carry, I have learned a great deal since registering with USA Carry. When I visited the Crossbreed site, I found the Super tuck Delux with extra pins the best the site had to offer (also the natural leather). Sporting a 45 cal, I am seeking a way to carry my gun and still remain safe. Thank you for sending me tot he Crossbreed site. The Supertuck Delux in natural for me..

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