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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. SuperTuck Deluxe for my compact M&P 40. Be real nice to have something that I did not have to worry about

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    I would like the SuperTuck Deluxe for a right hand Commander, or Officer size 1911. I think that the Supertuck from Crossbreed is the ultimate in custom discrete carry holsters and would love to own one.

  4. SuperTuck Deluxe

    I'd pick the SuperTuck Deluxe 'cause I have a Taurus PT145 I'd like t carry.
    It's been pretty uncomfortable in everything I've tried before.

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    SuperTuck Deluxe is my choice. They are great holsters. I have one of their holsters already for my Taurus and would like one for the Sig SP2022 in 9mm as well.
    I started out in life with nothing and I've managed to keep most of it.

  6. I own a Crossbreed Minituck (Horsehide) for my Kel-Tec PF-9 and I absolutely LOVE it! So comfortable I sometimes forget I'm carrying concealed! I would love to have the SAME holster, but left-handed (I currently have right-handed). The reason, sometimes I want to wear it on the small of my back (so would need left-handed).

    Don Montalvo, TX

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    The mini tuck would be perfect for my CPX-1, hope I win it!

  8. A right hand Super Tuck deluxe in horsehide to fit a Glock 30. Horsehide due to living in a hot climate and it's more sweat resistant that cowhide. That would fit me just right.

  9. Sure would like to win

  10. I'd like to win

    If I win I'd like the super tuck deluxe

  11. I'd opt for a SuperTuck Deluxe for my Glock 19. Horseshide for comfort IWB. Reason: I've read reviews here and on other forums that are glowing with praise. I need a comfortable carry option for my CCW.

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