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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. Concealed holsters

    Yes I agree the right hand super deluxe for the XDM would work. I have a crossbreed for a 9mm XD and I love it, it is comfortable and allows me to carry the weapon without the public noticing. I would like one for a 45 XDM because I would feel better carrying a 45cal than a 9mm

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    I could use a right handed MiniTuck for my KelTec P-11.

  4. Super Tuck - The Best IWB Holster Available

    The SuperTuck is adjustable for ride depth and will be perfect for my Springfield XD 45. Living in California and being Licensed is great, But there is so many Nervous Pinheads out here , even though I'm Legally good to go the less visibility possible the better. The Cops will still come and check me out - Hopefully not shooting me due to paranoia and public panic. I'd rather just keep it hidden and not have to bother with the stress. Lord willing I'll be blessed enough to win one, if not I guess I better buy one, They really do look as though they do a better job than my current Holsters.

  5. I think I could use the supertuck deluxe in right hand for my S&W 3914. A small hg but sure is easy to shoot. Now, if only they were giving away sig 229s...that would be awesome.

  6. sounds great for my walther PPKS .380. sure hope
    you have a left handed model.....

  7. Thumbs up

    My brother-in-law has a SuperTuck Deluxe and loves it because it works for him whether he is wearing shorts, jeans, or dress pants. The cut of the garment - whether shorter rise jeans, regular rise dress pants/suit, or even baggy beach pants doesn't matter; the holster configures well to each application. I'm buying one for casual wear, but it would sure be nice to win one for dress too! I've checked the site but my Llama .380 isn't listed; got any pull? Thanks for the opportunity! Carry On!

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    M&P 9c

    Right Hand Super Tuck Deluxe, best concealed carry holster.

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    Bed side backup

    I like the bed side back up I do not like the idea of the hand gun laying out in the open on the night stand but I like it close.

  10. SuperTuck Deluxe would work for my Glock 22 or 23

  11. IWB SuperTuck Deluxe for my 1911 Springfield V-16 6" Longslide,because I don't presently have a holster for it.I do own a Rough -Out IWB for my Carry Glocks {19,21,22,26, and 29**,but it's an older model without a reinforced mouth which hinders reholstering because it tends to collapse depending on how tight my belt and jeans are.....Believe it or not I have e3ven stuffed a Taurus 5 shot .357 Mag in it as well ...Remarkable considering I had purchased some high cap mags for the G-19 and the guy just sent me the holster for free without even asking me Man ,was I surprised huh ? How cool was that ?

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