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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    Already have Super Tuck for XD--Be nice to have Super Tuck for Springfield Armory loaded combat.Thank's for the opportunity.

  3. holster giveaway

    I think a right hand supertuk deluxe in horsehide for my XDM compact would be great. I've heard that they are very comfortable.

  4. Cross Breed Holsters

    Super Tuck Deluxe
    Right Hand or Left Hand:Right
    Holster Color/Leather:Horsehide Natural Add $15
    Gun:S&W M&P semi auto, all variants (NOT the old M&P revolvers, sorry)
    Combat Cut?:No
    Velcro V-Clips:No

    I rarely carry this weapon and opt for the 1911. I currently have no concealed platforms to carry this weapon in, with summer approaching I know this could be easily adapted into my daily carry options.
    I've never had the opportunity to win anything... this may be my lucky day!

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    How great is this!! Just got a nice .38 Ruger LCR with nothing to carry it in and was looking at just this holster.

    Yes please! Would love a SuperTuck Delux for a .38 Ruger LCR. Right hand, horse hide Natural. No extras, as is. Thank you
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  6. without laser

    The FIRST (and best) hybrid IWB holster designed specifically for the new Ruger LCP!

    Now available for the LCP WITH Crimson Trace Laser! (LG-431)
    Also available for Kel-Tec P3AT with or without Laser.

    CrossBreed Holsters is pleased to bring to market the first holster designed specifically around the Ruger LCP. Based on our famous SuperTuck design, the MiniTuck incorporates all the advantages of it's bigger brother in a smaller package.

    Designed for and ideally suited to the Ruger LCP, the MiniTuck is stable, comfortable and extremely concealable.
    Ideal for deep concealment or for those with smaller frames, the MiniTuck allows fast access to a very well hidden firearm.

    The MiniTuck is exceptionally well suited to ladies as the concave curve on the bottom edge of the holster rides over the curve a ladies' hip without forcing the grip into her ribs.

    The MiniTuck is also a good choice for Kahr PM series guns, Sig 238's and Ruger LCPs, especially for those folks needing a smaller overall package due to their frame size.

    We don't recommend it for full size guns or compact versions of full frame guns.

    Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery, we are a small shop and we make them by hand. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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    Okay! We'll try this again. (my com link died in mid trans )
    What is up with their site? It's gone spartan either that or they've cut down to only a mobile site.

    Any way.... I've been wearing a Super Tuck with my 4" XD40 and I gotta tell ya it IS the most comfortable and the ugliest holster I've ever worn. But I could kick myself for not going with the Deluxe.

    So if by some miracle it's me, I'd really like the Deluxe for an XD40 4" with the 'no mar' J clips this time around.

    Oh! I almost forgot... right hand please!

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    Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway!

    I would choose the Super Tuck Deluxe RH for my 1911 so I could start to carry my 45


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    Right hand Super tuck for a Glock 22, because I have heard Great things about the cross breed super tuck.

    Thank you for the chance.

    Stay Safe.
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    would love a black snapslide right hand for my beretta 92fs, w/o rail, w/o sweatguard. i have a supertuck for my sw40ve and it is the absolute best iwb i've ever owned. only holster i have for the beretta is a shoulder holster and that's not gonna fly when the temp starts creeping up. MA frowns on open carry (like most other things). was gonna plunk down the bucks on a snapslide when i got the email for the giveaway. what a happy coincidence!

  11. Right handed super tuck deluxe for a Glock 27

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