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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    A right hand mini-tuck for my P3AT would be perfect as I have to take it off sometimes during the day going into certain places and don't want something big an bulky. I need it with horsehide as I tend to sweat down here in the Sunny South.

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    Red face Super Tuck

    Gotta go with the super tuck deluxe, right hand for my Officers model. Why? The thing looks like it can get the job done, nothing fancy or frilly or sexy about it, a good honest holster that works, thats good enough for me.
    .45 caliber, causing shooting twice is just silly!

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    I'd go with a right-handed SuperTuck Deluxe with J-Clips for my PF9, I've read a lot of great reviews for this holster!

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    super tuck

    i just watched the video on the concealment super tuck and wow i really didnot no that she was wearin one nice holster.that super tuck looks really comf also

  6. hard choice

    Either one of these 2 would be great. The Super Tuck Deluxe for either
    my Colt 1911a1 45 or my Glock 23 40 cal. and then the Mini Tuck
    for my Walther PPKS .380......

  7. The Crossbreed Super Tuck Delux for me.

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    right hand Super Tuck for full sized 5" 1911.

    Chickasaw/Choctaw Indian

  9. Sorry everybody but i think this giveaway is for me,Has my name all over it.... Can't wait to try it on!!!

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    Crossbreed super tuck deluxe for a righty carrying a 3" colt defender. Because in the waistband carry demands the comfort to do so!

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    Crossbreed Super Tuck for Glock 26.

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