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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. Holster

    SuperTuck Deluxe (as it looks like MAYBE it will be comfortable)
    Right handed (to match me)
    Horsehide natural (less likely to be seen thru a light shirt as it is closer to skin color)
    Fitting a Ruger LCR (thatís what I carry)
    No Velcro clips (I like my own belts)
    Yes to J clips (look like a pain, but might be worth trying)

    I think that answers the questions, ok send me mine!

  3. Delux Tuck Right hand

  4. #863
    I'd love a right hand supertuck for my 1911s. I just never have that much to spend.
    It's a lot to someone who has a holster drawer that is full already.

  5. #864

    Thumbs up Which CrossBreed Concealed holster I would choose...

    Hi Lukem (or do prefer just Luke?), et al... Definitely I would like the CrossBreed SuperTuck Deluxe holster right hander, in the cow or horsehide no preference there and with the SnapLoc hooks. Why? Because it can work with so many different gun types it will fit the Glock 17 I am picking up and the new BodyGuard by S&W that I can't wait to get my hands on! The description speaks about the comfort and that is key, I ride my motorcycle everyday and don't want something uncomfortable bothering and distracting me, but has to be accessible and functional. Looks don't matter no one is going to see...well they better not need to at least! I don't think it looks so bad anyhow.
    Keep up the nice work - I'm new to the site and loving it.

  6. My choice of the "Cross Breed" Holster

    Gotta have it! I just recently started carrying a Kahr CW40 as my primary concealed carry. There are not very many choices of holsters available that I can find. I think the "Cross Breed" holster is just what I'm looking for concealed carry.

  7. Super Tuck Deluxe Right Hand will be perfect under my dress shirt and suit jacket during meetings.

  8. crap....I forgot to mention that either holster should be left handed although I can shoot very good with either hand....

  9. I really like the the super tuck deluxe. It sounds like that is the Mercedes of holsters. I would get the that fits my Sig Sauer P220.

  10. Holster

    I like the Crossbreed Holster Supertuck. Being able to see the yourube video, I didn't even know the woman had a firearm on her--very concealable and easy is the way to go! I just got my firearms license and can't wait to get my first firearm!!

  11. #870
    I couldn't wait and I ordered a Crossbreed for my Ruger SR9c, but I just bought a new S&W M&P40c that would love a new Crossbreed Holster..

    So, here goes...
    Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe (horsehide for the hot Vegas days). Rt. hander for my S&W M&P40c.

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