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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. SuperTuck Deluxe, right hand, standard black finish for the Glock 23.


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    I would try a QuikClip, Right Hand, Horsehide Natural, for a Taurus PT709 Slim. The holster looks very easy to mount on belt and take off. I already have a Mini Tuck I use every day. Crossbreed Holsters is a class company, excellent customer service, no nonsense.

  4. Conceal Carry Holster Giveaway

    I would love the Super Tuck Deluxe, right handed horsehide natural for my Springfield XD subcompact, no combat cut, no v-clips but would like j-clips. I would love to have this holster because after much research I think it is the best out there. The website design with the videos really sold me on it and your mention of the Lord Jesus Christ was the inspiration for you company name and logo really touched my heart. Praise the Lord and Thank You!!

  5. I would most certainly pick a Super Tuck Deluxe for my Glock 23 since it seems like it would be quite a comfortable holster. Let's face it, if we do not have a comfortable holster then the odds are we will not wear it! Plus, I could also use the Glock 23 holster for my GLock 27!

    Thanks for running this give-away!

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    Cool Love to go IWB

    SuperTuck Deluxe for the Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolver in horsehide, right hand draw, with J-Clips.

    Reason: I don't have an IWB holster for my Model 36 and want to carry it. BTW - I love my IWB holsters for my Kimber Ultra CDP II .45 and Springfield XD-M 3.8" 9mm and have always wanted to try the cadillac SuperTuck Deluxe.
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    I would go for the right handed Supertuck Deluxe in horsehide for the Walther PPS 40 cal that I just got. I've received my CCW license in the last month or so and got the PPS for it's ability to conceal so easily. I'm about 5'7" and 130 lbs, I have a hard time concealing large guns so far. I currently have a Fist IWB holster for the PPS which is not uncomfortable, but I've heard so many good things about the Crossbreeds that I'd really like to try it.

    There is a woman on YouTube that has a similar body style to me (her videos are on top of the Crossbreed homepage I see, though I found her through YouTube searches ). She conceals a larger weapon with the Supertuck so her videos have me thinking I want to try a Crossbreed to see if I can maybe get a bigger gun for everyday carry.

    I was going to get one for a birthday present to myself (with the different clip options, of course), but figured I'd chance being chosen for one of these giveaways.
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  8. give away

    A natural horse hide right hand SuperTuck Deluxe with J clips for a Glock 26 would be a good fit for my attire.

  9. I would love a super Tuck Deluxe for my Glock 19 and my sig Sauer 626.

  10. Thanks for the drawing...

    Super Tuck Deluxe, right hand, for S&W 642 (J-frame)

  11. Awesome drawings! For me it would be the SuperTuck Delux right hand for the Walther P99 in horsehide. These holsters rock!

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