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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

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    Being a new CCW permit holder, I'm in dyer need of a IWB holster for summer carry.
    I have picked the Crossbread Super Tuck in horsehide for my new Ruger LC9. Being new to CCW carry I am still experimenting with holsters, but find that the Super Tuck may really fit the purpose.

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    Talking My choice.

    Right hand Supertuck deluxe for a full size Springfield XD 40 in horse hide with the J-clips. My dream CC holster. It would be nice to get the matching mag holster, but I will would be grateful for just the supertuck deluxe.
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  4. Mini Tuck Lefthand S&W .380 Bodyguard

  5. Gotta be a right hand supertuck with horse hide. My nephew in law inforcement says that's the only all day comfort holster he will ever wear. That's good enough for me and my Bersa 380!

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    Supertuck Deluxe
    Right Hand
    Horsehide Natural
    1911 Para-Ordnance widebody WITH rail (P12, P14, etc)

    Yeah, you need a Supertuck Deluxe for a Para Nite-Tac with 15 rounds of 45ACP.

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    I would like a super tuck deluxe, left handed in horsehide for a H&K USP with V clips and J clips...

    Getting a good USP holster for a lefty is difficult!

  8. Right hand crossdraw for a Ruger LCR with Crimson Trace sights!

  9. Smile Thanks for the chance!

    Would love a QwikClip for a Glock 27, Right Hand. I have one for my Glock 23 but carry my 27 more.

  10. Right handed Supertuck with J-clips for Ruger LCR.

    I have used a Crossbreed Supertuck for my Springfield XD Subcompact in 9mm and 4 S&W for almost 2 years. It gets carried daily and is still just as comfortable as the day I bought it.

    I have recommended this holster for numerous people in person and via the internet and various firearms forums. Those who have taken my advise are just a pleased as I am with the quality, performance and most importantly, the comfort and value of this holster.

    I would love to have one to carry my Ruger LCR that goes with me frequently when i am dressed in light clothing and don't want to have the added weight of the larger frame XD Subcompact.

    Thanks to the sponsors here for making this offer availible!!


  11. Yep, the Super Tuck Deluxe would be the one! Looks very comfortable and certainly hides well....definitely a plus for me.

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