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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. CrossBreed Holster

    I would LOVE the Super Tuck for a Glock 23 as a gift for my husband on Father's Day!!!

  3. QwikClip

    I would love to get the left-handed QwikClip holster, for my Glock 26 with CrimsonTrace Laser!

    I love my SuperTuck Deluxe, but it's difficult to take off and put back on, during the day, which I have to do sometimes, when I need to climb onto or under furniture (to get at people's computer cables, etc.) and don't want to worry about the holster printing...

    Good luck to all, and congratulations to whoever wins!

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    gilchrist oregon

    rh glock26

    i need a rigfht hand super tuck for a glock 26

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    I would get the right hand super tuck horsehide for my fullsize 1911. That would just make my world simi-peachy!!

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    My choice would be ..

    Super tuckd deluxe right - horse hide with J-clips for my Sp XD-SC

    Horse hide for the hot summers here in TX, Jhooks to keep the thing locked in if I had to "reach" for it and since I am a large person the design and construction appears to be solid enough that it wont sag, fall apart or be uncomfortable to wear all day.

  7. I just cant find any holster that feels comfortable while carrying concealed.
    I would like to try the Supper Tuck Deluxe Right hand to fit my Glock 30.
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    ld like the the Bedside Backup for my s&w j-frame right handed, thank you
    SpringField GI .45
    Taurus M66 .357
    Rossi M461 .357
    Cobra CA380 .380

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    Super Tuck Deluxe would be an excellent choice for my H&K 2000 SK for my every day concealed carry.

  10. Right hand Super Tuck, of course....

    probably to fit the Beretta 96

    been carrying a smaller Kahr, but at times I'd want the bigger one and a functional IWB holster for it.

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    I'd love to win the SuperTuck Deluxe! Have several pieces in mind that would go very nicely with it!

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