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Thread: Concealed Carry Holster Giveaway from USA Carry

  1. Right hand, for a keltec pf11. My Kimber Solo will fit in this crossbreed perfectly. Thanks

  3. Crossbreed Holster

    I have the Super Tuck and Mini Tuck for my Sig P239 and KelTec P3AT (4 Crossbreed holsters). My favorite is the Super Tuck because carries the gun in a position that is totally undetectable even with a light shirt, distributes the weight well, and never lets the gun poke or abrade me. Also, retention is excellent while still allowing a smooth, easy draw.

  4. Crossbreed holster

    I would choose a crossbreed snapslide for right hand shooter to fit my Glock 21sf. I have several Supertuck deluxe for my other pistols but would love to try their snapslide while drivimg.


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    Right hand Super Tuck for Glock 17. I am taking my CCW class Friday and I open carry now and this would be a perfect gift for me and this would be my first concealed holster.

  6. Crossbreed Give Away

    I would take another Super tuck deluxe. I have one for my Taurus 7/24 and
    would like to have one for my Para P-14. They are great holsters.

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    Bed side back up for the standard 5" 1911 Colt 45, I've been needing something like this and already have all the convential holster I will ever need.

  8. MiniTuck IWB for Taurus 709 Slim

    Would love to have a Crossbreed MiniTuck IWB for Taurus 709 Slim or Ruger LCP. JClips would be awesome!!

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    For me - I'm small & would choose the mini.

  10. Crossbreed Contest

    I like the Super Tuck, Right hand, horse for a Smith & Wesson Sigma SW40VE. I've been looking at this holster for months but just don't have the money right now.

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    Absolutely a right hand Mini tuck for my Ruger LCP without laser.
    It's nearly the perfect holster for my build. The LCP would virtually disappear.

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