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Thread: What gun do you take camping?

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    If in a state park where only ccw is allowed and depending on the temperature, either a 1911 or a keltec p11 9mm. Everywhere else in the woods, oc my 1911. It is a good idea to carry in the outdoors. You never know what you might run into.....

  3. Ruger Redhawk 5.5" 44 Mag

    My woods gun is my Redhawk 5.5" in 44 mag. No particular reason other than I really like the gun - bought it used and it tolerates a lot of being dragged through the brush without getting banged up. It is also a gun I shoot well and have some nice loads worked up for it.

    Oh, and it'll resolve, with authority, most any situation requiring the use of a sidearm ;-)

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    Back in the Days !!

    Before I got married my camping was backpacking 3-5 days ! Got married it became a camp ground ,TV & electric skillet SUCKS ! But when I did backpack it was a 357 ,158 gr.or higher ! Till I moved to Montana and seen fresh Grizzer tracks and then changed my flavor to 44 mag !!!

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    Ideally I would bring a shotgun.

  6. Love the sign @Hatchet!

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    I have always carried a .45LC Colt when hunting in my native state of Colorado. We had an encounter once with a Wolverine, it took 4 well placed .45LC's to kill the darned thing... I fear those Tazmanian Devils more than I do an old Grizzly boar!!! Thank the Lord NC doesn't have any of them running around...
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    A few sugestions,
    L.A.R. Grizzly,
    AMT Automag V,
    Freedom Arms 555,
    Magnum Research Desert Eagle.

    Strangely enough they are all in 50AE.

  9. At camp, or when camping I always have my EDC, Kimber 1911 in 45 ACP on me, an LCP in my pocket as well. If I'm going deeper into the woods or any place like Alaska, I'll have my Ruger Alaskan, 480 Ruger in a Blackhill's Leather holster.

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    My wife and I are avid backpackers. I carry the same firearm I carry every day, simply because it is the one I am the most accurate and familiar with. It's my Taurus PT-1911.

    In fact, growing up in Colorado, while hunting, backpacking, or just plain camping, I carried (or had access to) my dad's 1911.

    While camping in a campground, I still carry the 1911 and usually have my Winchester 30-30 lever in the truck. I seem to have more run ins with bears at campgrounds than I ever have when I'm backpacking.

    Hunting, its the same gun, the good ole 1911, well, as a defensive firearm... I think hunting with the 1911 would be a bit difficult... I don't know if I could get a deer or elk in that close... Hmmmm... Something to try this year? NOT!
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    Bleh, I usually just take my Marlin .22 bolt action rifle and my M&P 40, dont have a whole lot here unless you go further north where the bears become a little more abundant, especially in the U.P. either way, always safer than sorry. Couple years ago, I was in Rose City, [population like 250] small hunters town, saw a guy around bear season, had one stretched out on his trailor....Wow, Huge. Had to have been 700lbs easy, Pepper spray wouldnt have messed with that thing too much, gotta be prepared, always!
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