What gun do you take camping?
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Thread: What gun do you take camping?

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    Smile What gun do you take camping?

    The times Ive been car-camping in a campground Ive always carried a 22 mag and a 38 or 357mag handgun and kept it hidden. But when backpacking or car-camping well off the road I carried a 22 mag revolver and a 357 or 44 magnum. My idea was the 22 was backup and the larger revolvers would be large enough for dangerous animals such as an irate bear. Most of my backbacking was in California and Washington state. Now I have a cabin in the woods and keep a 12 gauge ready. What do any of you carry camping and why? Just curious thats all.

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    I take my .40 and my 9mm, but I also only go camping where the largest dangerous animals I have to worry about are a wolf or human. If I were to go somewhere that I might encounter bears or mountain lions, I would think a handgun wouldn't cut it. But I def would like to hear from some people more experienced!

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    I carry the same Compact 9mm I carry all the time..
    I thought about carrying my .45, but I live in Florida and don't see the weight to benefit ratio..
    The worst thing I'll run into is a big Boar.. The bears we have down here are pretty small and Black bear at that..
    IF I was hiking Alaska, then I'd move up in caliber for sure!!

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    I recently bought a SW Bodyguard 380 for backpacking. I carry bear spray for the bears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nogods View Post
    I recently bought a SW Bodyguard 380 for backpacking. I carry bear spray for the bears.
    dont forget the pepper spray and to wear bells...

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    If I am off the beaten path I will have a S&W 65 in .357 magnum on my hip.

    If I am camping with the wife in an established campground then I will more then likely have a S&W 642 with 135 grain +P short barrel gold dots in my pocket. That or my XD .40S&W with 180 grain gold dots.
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  8. My normal woods gun is an old 1917 Smith (one of the Brazilian contract models) that has been converted to .45 Colt. I tote it in a right hand crossdraw to keep it out of the way and draw it using the Cavalry or twist draw method (I'm left handed). I'm too far south for bears and too far north for gators, so all I have to worry about is 2 legged varmints and feral dogs. The sight of a big N-Frame Smith tends to keep the former toned down and a half ounce of lead travelling at 850fps plus does the job on the latter if it becomes necessary.

    For more social circumstances like a camp ground, I go with one of my normal concealed carry guns and keep the 12 gauge or a pistol caliber lever action carbine (normally a '94 Trapper in .45 Colt) out of sight but handy.

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    I was thinking about the same situation. I am pretty sure I will go with my SW 360pd airlite in 357. I put the crimson trace grip on it with the shock absorption pocket. It really cut down on the palm pain. I like the idea of the crimson in panic situations as aiming is one less thing I have to consider. I call it PHD...PULL HERE DUMMY

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    My camping is almost always done in conjunction with motorcycle riding so I bring a more concealable gun with me.....something I can carry in the inside pocket of my riding jacket. My HK SK, LCP, or LCR all fit the bill.
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    Depends on where and when. Friend wife & I routinely carry 9mm semi auto sidearms. Mine is a nice old t-series BHP, hers is a newer BHP Compact, both Belgian. There are 2 GI M1 carbines, a 12 Ga. Mossberg 500 A, and a GI M1 rifle in the truck. We've camped from Florida to Alaska and Maine to California much of the time camping in BLM, National or State forest land. The pistols and perhaps a carbine handy or in the tent is comforting if two legged menace is a concern. In brown bear country the shotgun and the rifle will be definitely be readily available. Over the years what we have used most has been mosquito coils.

    Hope your luck is as good and your experiences as enjoyable as my family's has been.

    Regards - Al

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