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Thread: Lever action 30-30? Or a 30-06?

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    I don't know anything about the 30-06, but Hornady has a new bullet for levers called the Leverevolution. I haven't tried them yet, but have some boxes to try. Pointy bullet using a polymer tip, a bit hotter of a load. I've read of guys dropping deer at 200 yds with them in 30-30.
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    With the 30-06 you can load bullets from 110-220 Gr. Variety of possibilities is huge.
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    A .30-30 lever action would be of such limited utility to me that it couldn't possibly be worth the money. I hunt PERHAPS every 2-3 years, and before a few years ago, I hadn't hunted in 30 years.

    I've got a Savage 112BVSS in .30-06. I can use that gun for the reason why I bought it, namely 600 and 1,000 yard competition. I can use it for varmint hunting. I can use it for deer, bear and elk.

    The .30-30 I can use ONLY for hunting, and of mostly deer sized animals at relatively close range, something I may do every 2-3 years if I'm lucky. I could plink with a .30-30, but even reloading, it's cheaper to do with my AR-15.

    A .30-30 would mostly be a waste of money for me.

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    Due to limited secure storage capability and limited time to spend maintaining weapons, I long ago decided to limit myself to 1 high power rifle. I have a bolt action Mossberg 100ATR in 30-06.

    There is no large animal in this part of the country (Tennessee) that I can't match ammo and range for hunting within the 30-06 platform.

    .308 runs close second but loses out at heavier bullet end. (We have planted Elk for future hunting here in TN.)

    You can find rifles in Lever, Bolt and semi-auto.

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    I was going to add that I have a 303 British that is quite adequate for North America. The bullet weight goes from 130 to 220. The recoil is acceptable and the Enfield I own is reliable. It holds 10 rounds. The lever guns in the post before this one make me get the 'Iwants'. But the wife(boss) says mabye I can get one when pigs fly. Anyone have some feathers?

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    If I were going to use the rifle for mainly hunting, then I would go with the .30-06 in a bolt gun. If I were looking for a urban/self defense rifle, then I would go with the .30-30 in a lever configuration. I can work a lever, and stay on target, much faster than I can a bolt. Also, I don't think any one of us would argue that a .30-30, from zero to 175 yards, would have no problem of putting a man down and keeping him down. JMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hootus View Post
    The '06 has a lot of its superior ballistics as a result of its bullet shape. Stick an '06 style pointy bullet in the feed tube of a lever action and the recoil from one round can fire off the waiting bullets in the tube when the point of one bullet strikes the primer of the bullet ahead of it during the inertia of recoil. That's why a 30-30 has flat nose rounds.

    I am just now getting back into shooting and didn't know there was a lever action 30-06... and guess technology in the last decade has produced a fix for this. Please educate me. If I could go deer hunting with a short barrel lever action that safely holds a tube full of -06's in the stack I'm sold!
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  10. I think you should "split the difference," and get a Browning BLR in .308 Winchester. I've daydreamed about one of those for decades.

    Lever gun.

    Shorter throw than the Winchester or Marlin.

    Excellent .308 cartridge (might want to shoot some military 7.62x51 if TSTF).

    Detachable box magazine (great if you hunt where loaded guns are illegal in the car; keep the magazine on the dash). You can buy spares.

    Strong and accurate, high quality gun.

    I did once have a Savage 99 in .308 but those always have rough triggers. Good rifle, though.

    Unless you're into really heavy bullets, the .308 is ballistically pretty darned close to a .30-06 with modern loadings. It's a lot more than a .30-30. So you'll get a powerful, accurate cartridge that has many loadings available, and you can still have your lever gun fun.
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    I don't know anything about ballistics but you definitely have to love the classic 30 30 cowboy gun. Everything about it is beautiful!

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