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Thread: Lever action 30-30? Or a 30-06?

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    I don't know anything about ballistics but you definitely have to love the classic 30 30 cowboy gun. Everything about it is beautiful!
    ~ Bill

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    I was going to add that I have a 303 British that is quite adequate for North America. The bullet weight goes from 130 to 220. The recoil is acceptable and the Enfield I own is reliable. It holds 10 rounds. The lever guns in the post before this one make me get the 'Iwants'. But the wife(boss) says mabye I can get one when pigs fly. Anyone have some feathers?
    Feathers? No, sir. One word: trebuchet

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    35 remmington

    If your going to do the lever action due to the love of the lever check out the 35 remmington flavor it a good knock down load , much better then the 30-30 and you don't have to worry about any bears ! But the versatiaty of the 06 will always be mine !
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