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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    My neighbor pulled a gun on me a few months back but it was just a case of him being an idiot

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    Just got home from work, as usual the neighbor’s dog greeted me as I got out of the car. So, I walked over and scratched her ears. She got out of the fence, ran about 2 steps, yelped and dropped like a rock. I still don’t know what happened but she got up, seemed like she was fine went back in the fence and refused to come back near the gate. I decided her behavior was odd enough to inform the neighbor but not tonight.

    About that time I heard the neighbor calling her and decided since he was up anyway I’d tell him about it. Rather than walk out of the dark onto his well lit patio I announced my self and blinked my light.

    Next thing I know I’m looking down the barrel of his firestorm .45 ACP (nice gun BTW) I turned my flash (Streamlight Skorpion 114 lumens) back on shined it right in his eyes and said “Put the gun down “ PUT.. IT…. DOWN. I could tell by the look in his eyes he was blinded and he put the gun down very slowly and showed his hands. (He told me he thought I was a cop) Then I, very clearly, identified myself, stepped forward and asked him to show me his new piece and found out that he had heard a noise in the back yard and was investigating.

    I got three things out of this

    1. I should have called out and identified myself

    2. He was investigating “the noise” W/out a round in the chamber I could have had him a dozen times before he even knew I was there if I had malicious intent

    3. He was on a well lit patio and had no night vision. He had even less when I bright beamed him.

    I don’t know that there’s a moral to the story but it woke me up
    Sounds like one of those dudes who should not have a gun, just as likely to shoot himself

  3. Twice for me . first time was adrive by sending buttets whistling by my head . The second time waswhen Two dudes were collecting from another guy and the pulled there guns to keep us back so they could persude this guy to pay money back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketgeezer View Post
    Sounds like one of those dudes who should not have a gun, just as likely to shoot himself

    I've had this debate numerous times on gunrightsmedia.com (Oleg Volk's new website) If you follow the link I've posted you'll find he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    A few weeks back he pulled the same trick on a cop who was investigating a shooting outside his house and got face planted for his trouble
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    While in Israel I had to take shelter in a bomb shelter because of rockets being fired from Lebanon. Here(in USA) Ive had 3 times a gun was pointed at me all before I had a CPL In 2 of the instances and not being armed I was able to defuse the situation by growing feathers(being chicken) and getting the ^%##$ out of there. The other time I was shot at but not hit. I was armed and while Im still not allowed to say much but I made out ok even after it was investigated. My decision to get a CPL was in part due to these instances but there were other factors as well.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    I've had guns pulled on me a few times and have been a target of a professional; (who missed with a rifle and a car bomb).

    I've also got caught up in a crossfire and had bullets wiz by so close to my head that I felt my hair move.
    Couldn't have been that much of a pro if you are still sucking air.

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    After three combat tours (USMC) I ended up being held up at gunpoint in a parking garage in Chicago in 1987. Needless to say, being Chi town, I had no weapon. They got $150 and three credit cards that I cancelled before they ever got to use them. Two perps and they were smart enough to keep distance on me. More than the actual weapon I was terrified that I had absolutely no control of the situation. I am much more into situational awareness these days!

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    Once by two police officers in Atlantic City NJ. I was in my 20's riding in back seat of friends car. Driver turned down a one way street, cops hit his take down lights. We stopped the cops jumped out of car weapons drawn as they approach our vehicle. Still don't know why......... They checked our licenses and listen to us explain we weren't from the area and just needed directions to hwy. We were all in the Coast Guard so they holstered weapons and gave us directions to hwy.

    Second time a friend of mine was stationed in Florida. I sold my Browning 9mm to a him, he offered to buy me some beer to close the deal. While we were in the bar I said lets do this deal, he said ok. We were in his vehicle, I handed him the pistol in its soft case, (no ammo) plus the bill of sale for him to sign. We then heard a knock at both side windows. I looked right, face to face with a drawn weapon pointed at my head. We were instructed to open the doors slowly - hands up - ect........... It was three DEA agents who had been in the bar, they heard me say lets do the deal. They thought they were busting a drug deal or something. The bill of sale explained everything and we all had a laugh. We all went back in the bar for a few drinks.

    Thank god we weren't shot by a newbie LEO.

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    At a Wedding !

    Mine was @ my Sisters Wedding , and the guy was the Grooms brother-in-law (idiot) because he didn't look around him when he pulled !There was 6 Brothers of mine around use and if you can picture 7 guys me in cluded over 6 foot 4in. and I know size don't mean much most time but this time lucky for me. Oh I left out all are vintage Iron workers mukeled on to him , and you know the saying thought it was a good idea ! Well you know what thought did ,thought he farted but ***** himself and I will leave out the end of the store if you have a imagination !!!

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    This goes back to 1972 when I was just 17. Me and two friends were in a mall shopping and we kept getting approached by individuals from group of urban type people close to our age. The wanted to sell us weed or a bicycle or whatever else they thought we might be interested in. One of the guys I was with grew tired of them approaching him so he told them that I was the one with the money (yeah, thanks a lot). We decided to make our way back to my car and were aware of their following us. Once outside the youngest of the group approached as we were getting in my car. The others remained back by the mall entrance. He pulled a snubbie, aimed it me and said he wanted our money. He looked to be about as scared as I was and without thinking I jumped in the car and we drove off leaving him standing there.
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    I was driving through a rough area of town for work and a guy thought I tried to cut him off. I was already having a bad day so when he started yelling at me I yelled right back. So we are driving side by side down a major road yelling at each other when he opens his console and says "you dont want me to pull this out". Being in a fury as I was I responded by shouting Go ahead and pull it out you @$$#$%!!". So he pulls out his pistol and points it in my direction. I decided to call his bluff and told him to go ahead and shoot me. He got a defeated look on his face and sped off.

    I wouldnt react like this EVER again, mostly because I have a family now. I was 19 at the time and feeling particularly brave that day I guess. I can look back and laugh about it now.

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