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  1. Shotgun to head

    While in Navy bootcamp (a looooooong time ago) I was coming out of church choir practice late at night. Across the drill field I saw several flashing emergency lights and thinking there had been an accident, I jogged in their direction to see if I could help. Just then two recruits in standard work blues came running towards me; one yelled "run, you're gonna get shot". I turned to run and heard someone behind me yell "HALT!". I turned to confront whoever it was and saw a Marine Guard with a 12ga leveled at my head. he ordered me to the ground and I complied quickly. Just then an officer showed up and demanded my ID which I presented with a quick "I'm just coming from choir practice"
    Turns out, the lights were from the brig on base (Great Lakes NTC) and the two guys who ran passed me were escaping prisoners. We're all dressed alike, especially in the dark, so confirming my ID, he let me on my way back to the barracks (to change my scivvies). Scariest moment of my life.

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    Had a shotgun pellet in my left knee for many years. There was this kinda crazy old man who lived in a shack in the woods when I was a kid, and being stupid kids we would tease him at times. He would pop off a few rounds from his shotgun now and then, just to scare us. We were always out of range, or so we thought. One day I took one pellet to the knee. It did little more than break the skin. Carried it around for years and it eventually dissolved I guess because it's no longer visible.

    Many years after that, but still quite a few years ago, long before anybody passed shall issue concealed carry laws, I had a shotgun pulled on me face to face. I had gotten transferred to a base in Texas and a co-worker had arranged for me to rent a little backyard mother in law kind of building from, I think it was his uncle. Anyway, I'm guessing he hadn't seen it in some time because the place was a total dive. I stayed there a few weeks and finally told them it wasn't going to work out. Turns out the uncle had a drinking problem and the aunt was dying, all of which I learned later. The night I was moving out, I walked out the door with some stuff, headed toward my car and, there was the drunk uncle pointing a shotgun at my face. He was very distraught and in tears, and was basically blaming me for the suffering his wife was going through. I'm guessing the loss of the rent money was a big blow to them or something, but I never really found out the real reasons. There was another younger relative there who also hated me for reasons I did not know, and still don't, but thankfully he was trying to convince the uncle that shooting me was not the answer. There were some very tense few minutes there before the uncle finally broke down and they went back into the house. You never saw anybody pack up a car so fast.
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    About 30 years ago

    In California,just inside the doors to my apartment building! He was leaving after attacking one of my neighbors and beating him half to death. Back then I was 6'2" about 210 lbs all muscle. The attacker was a skinny 5'8"-5'10". The .357 magnum he was pointing at me more than made up for the size difference. I was lucky he was in a hurry to get out and had a driver waiting for him. It's amazing how large the barrel of that .357 looked.

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    If you can discount two tours in VietNam and 10 years as a Armed Security Officer, as just a plain old civilian on the street, I can't relate any wild and wooley stories like some posted here!
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  6. Once when I was probably about 14 I was on a friend's property with my dad, the guy who owned the property, and the guy's son. This guy has about 200 acres of woods with a lake and a little cabin. The property is surrounded by a state forest and they get quite a few trespassers there.
    I told them that I was going for a hike and told them where I was going to be. Then midway through my hike I decided to hike around the lake and come around to the cabin on the other side. Turns out that was a bad idea. I got within about 300 yards of the cabin and thought I heard someone saying my name, so I stopped and listened. They said my name again, so I answered and walked towards them.
    As it turns out, I wasn't being very quiet so they heard me from a ways off. The guy who owns the property was carrying a .44 Mag and his son was carrying a .357 Mag, both coming at me from different sides because I wasn't where I said I would be and they thought I was a trespasser. Once I met up with them I got a pretty stern lecture about being where I said I would be and realized how close I came to lead flying my way. Needless to say I learned my lesson.

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    A Navy dentist was clearing his weapon at a clearing barrel and I was almost hit as the Beretta discharged by the dentist who as unfamiliar with the gun clearing procedure, very close call.

    I was shot at by Iraqis in a town called Ral Al Khafji, but these were when I was in the military and not the sort of experiences you're referring to...
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    Obviously not counting Vietnam...where it wasn't really "having a gun pulled on one"...

    When I was about 10 years old, I was leaving my gamily doctor's office and apparently a false alarm of a robbery there had been received. I opened thje door and there were 4 police officers all pointing their guns at me as I stood in the doorway.

    Certainly got my attention...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    My room mate shot me when I was 21 does that count?
    you don't feel the pain much do you, it's kind'a suspended disbelief. I caught one in the left thigh passed through didn't realize I was hit just thought I got knocked by an explosion.
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  10. This thread just triggered a memory of mine. When I was about 12 me and my brother were fishing at a local pond where a couple of kids we knew around the same age had stumbled upon a revolver near the pond. My brother and I had been taught to never handle guns without any adults around but these other two kids decided to pick it up and play with it. They thought it would be funny to point the gun at us with their finger on the trigger and I guess try and scare us. By the looks of it the thing had been out there for a few days at least, and a good amount of change was scattered where they had found the gun. After they pointed the gun at us we ran off and immediately called the police who were a bit arrogant with us. We told them they had handled the gun and even pointed it at us but of course the other kids denied it so they decided a police report wasn't necessary because of conflicting stories. A few days later we found out that the revolver had been used in a gas station robbery that was only a few blocks away from where we lived.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    I've had guns pulled on me a few times and have been a target of a professional; (who missed with a rifle and a car bomb).

    I've also got caught up in a crossfire and had bullets wiz by so close to my head that I felt my hair move.
    I think there's an interesting story if you care to share?

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