Out in Odessa Texas things can be a little wild and wooly. At least back in the early eighties they were. I was a young 19 or 20 year old with a new wife and baby. Things were tough. The oil boom had gone bust and folks were deserting the entire region like there was an epidemic scare. I didn't have a job and our phone got cut off. So, when I had to make calls I went up to the local convenience store and used the pay phone.

One day I was expecting a call from someone and I had given the pay phone number to them. So, I went up to the store and bought a pack of cigarettes and big 32 0z. Dr. Pepper and went out by the phone and waited for about 20 minutes or so. During that time, people came and people went. A car drove up and parked next to mine. Even though the guy behind the wheel just sat there for a few minutes I didn't think much of it. Finally he got out of the car and walked up to the sidewalk and instead of turning towards the store, he turned towards me. I was really hoping he wasn't gonna use the phone.

When he got within about 5 feet of me or so he reached behind him and pulled out a revolver and pointed it right at me. I have no idea what caliber it was. Who cares!! It scared me half to death. Then he spoke. All he said was, "I think you should leave. NOW!!" Being an idiot I just said, "Huh?" I didn't quite hear him. The blood was rushing thru my ears and my eye sight had collapsed to tunnel vision right down the barrel of that gun. This time he shouted it at me, "I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE!! NOW!!". I edged over to my car trying to be very careful not to make any threatening movements. Somehow I got my keys out and in the ignition. I started up that Pontiac Bonneville and backed up and drove away. The odd thing is that I could hear that damn phone ringing as I left. I never went back to that store either.