The most anti gun members of Congress
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Thread: The most anti gun members of Congress

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    The most anti gun members of Congress

    Yes, I know that this information is from the 109th Congress, but it is nevertheless pretty good. Not a lot of surprises here, actually.

    here is the link for a listing of the most anti gun senators

    here is a link for the listing of the most anti gun representatives

    Since Mike DeWine was defeated in 2006, if I could make a list of the most anti gun senators of the 110th Congress, I would replace his name with that of Barack Obama.

    An interesting point to note is that the People's Republics of California, New York, and Massachussetts have both their senators on the list (my list also includes both Illinois senators). Also, five of the ten on the most anti gun representatives list are from the people's Republics of California and New York. Gee, what a shock!
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    You are right. No supprise here. These are the cream of the crap, I mean crop.
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    Reading those lists has gone a long way toward curbing my appetite...hey, I think I just figured out how to lose weight :akuma:


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    that's just sad
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    I agree jut sad.
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    The names were pretty much what I expected, with a few sprinkled in that I had never heard of before.
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