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Thread: Had to Remove a Student Today - Opinions Sought

  1. I agree you handled it well except you should have booted him sooner.

  3. In my never-to-be-humble opinion you absolutely did the right thing, but why are you asking for opinions? The only one that counts in this case is yours, and don't ever forget that! It is certainly a great example-thanks for sharing it with us. Well done!

  4. Everyone agrees you did the right thing. I will normally give one warning. On the second violation we go aside and have a very frank, one to one talk, and the responce determines if the student is allowed to return.

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    We had this type of problem at our club's weekly shoot. One person in particular was always pointing his loaded weapon toward the people behind the firing line when trying to clear a jam, or felt the need to talk to someone behind him. He would turn around and have everyone trying to become part of the wall. I never understood how a 50 something year old didn't even know the basic rule of keeping your weapon pointed downrange. We (the board members) had a long discussion about this situation with him and threatened revocation of his membership, but he still didn't get it. I am low on the totem pole as far as the board goes so when they let him stay I had my own talk with him in private, and made it abundantly clear that if someone got shot due to his carelessness the favor would be returned. Oddly enough, he hasn't shown up at any more weekly shoots?

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    One of the biggest dangers on any range is the student who has so much experience he feels the regulations are only for other people.
    The Basic Pistol Course Students did get a great practical lesson in what stupidity looks like so it was not all bad.

    I agree that I would have only given one warning before kicking him off the range. However It was lucky the Police Officer was there. If not then his refusal to hand over the weapon would have made an awkward situation worse.

    I would certainly have filed a report of the incident with the State Police for them to consider revoking his CCDW permit.And another with the NRA to prevent this man ever being in a position to instruct anyone in the future.
    I agree with most of the comments posted.

    Steve Challis
    Harmony Hollow Firearms Training Ky

  7. Had the same thing happen Friday at the range. Older fellow in his 60-70"s with his wife kept pointed his pistols towards the dividing walls between the stalls. I explained to him that all firearms are to be pointed down range. Said ok, but kept doing it.Had the attitude I don't have to listen to you kid ( I'm 49) I keeping watching him and his wife kept telling him " he's watching you".Along with this he also had his finger on the trigger even while he was loading his revolvers.Well, sure as s_it he had it pointed sideways and put one through the dividing wall on his left side, I was in the stall to his right.Lucky for all, no one was hit.He stayed about another 5 minutes and left ,hopefully for good!! Only good thing was I told my student that this is what happens when you don't follow the 3 basic rules and also that sometimes people get complacent after using firearms for a number of years. Always remember the basics!!!!
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  8. Brabbit

    The rules of firearm safety have been brought up many times!! They are the first thing we learn when we choose to pick up a weapon, or they should be.I will never forget the young man(teen) dying from a bullet to his head simply because because the person that he was with that day did not know/follow the rules!We should all be responsible and immediatly correct/or if necessary slap upside the head, anyone that we see doing such unbelievably stupid things as those pointed out by alot of you!

    KEEP SAFE! STAY ALIVE (and out of jail for killing an innocent bystander.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLT View Post
    Was it this guy?

    My whole problem with all this safety stuff is that we aren't cleaning out the gene pool like we used to... That's why we have such a huge population of stupid people these days....
    Oh man, you are sooooooo right.

  10. You waited too long

    When I took an introductory firearm course ANY dangerous action was cause for immediate removal from the class. I later got to know the instructor and he said a minor offence got a stern warning, the second time was you were out with no refund. A major offence (looking down the barrel of loaded weapon) was immediate expulsion. One thing we did was after our basic safety training we were shown a video and asked to identify the dangerous actions and violations.

    I almost got shot once a point blank range by accident. One thing I learned big time and I still practise is that if I point a gun at you, you had better run, draw or duck, it is no accident. We are all aware of how many people get shot by "unloaded" weapons.

    It reminds me of a story. A few years back we went deer hunting. One of the fellows had limited experience so I showed him how to use the saftey and told him not to chamber a round until he was ready to shoot. I also explained to always know where the barrel was pointed. We saw a buck and prepared to fire. The third person missed and we continued on in the bush. I looked over at the "newbie" and he had his saftey off, a round chambered and the barrel pointed directly at my head with his finger on the trigger. had he tripped I would have been dead. An argument ensued where I wanted to call it a day. We came to an agreement where he would share my rifle and I unloaded and cleared his weapon. Call it rash but these are not power saws where you might lose a finger or two, they can be fatal.

  11. In every human endeavor there are fools, people who should not be allowed to participate. As people who carry guns or who shoot for sport, we are no exception. It is imperative that we police ourselves, else someone will do it for us.
    I agree with those who said, kick him out and file a report on him. Anyone who shoots regularly see people who do unsafe things. I have no problem (politely) telling them either don't do that or I will report you.

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