Long Island Homeowner Defends Self against Burglars
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Thread: Long Island Homeowner Defends Self against Burglars

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    Long Island Homeowner Defends Self against Burglars

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    It's always good to read where citizens stood up to the bad guys, TY for sharing
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    that's exactly why good people should have guns
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    The burglars grabbed some money that was laying around the living room.
    I find that statement rather interesting. Can't speak for everyone else but there is never any money laying around my living room, (or anywhere else for that matter):huh:

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    Why did the home owner shoot after chasing them? That is a big NO-NO. Once the threat has stopped you need to stop. Sounds like a bad choice to me. And why was money "laying around the living room"? Something smells fishy with this one.
    Be safe, shoot straight and have fun!!

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    This incident brings to mind the scene in the movie "Boogie Nights" when the guys ripped off, then tried to rob the rich dude and he came out shooting a shotgun yelling "Take that puppies!"

    +1 for Glock Man. Chasing someone with a gun is not something we should be doing.

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  8. 2 dead bad guys in the living room would have been a better ending. Crime as a profession should be extremely dangerous.

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    Just goes to show that even in NY the good guys can win!
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