Living By The Gun In Yemen!
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Thread: Living By The Gun In Yemen!

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    Living By The Gun In Yemen!

    A nice video clip I found about Yemen Life style with Guns.

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    very interesting... I'll gladly take some russian guns at 20 dollars a piece... and hand grenades... yeah I'll take some of those too please.
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    Typical UN film....Guns are bad,Guns are evil, take away all the guns, everybody will live in the land of milk and honey,on top of candy mountain, yada...yada....yada. I would like to go to Yemen with a couple of grand and a way to get stuff home, maybe that would help to ease the problem over there.:icon_cheesygrin:

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    jumpin Yemenie me to.

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    Just for the record, Yemen is a hellhole. If anyone else wants to go and send stuff back to me, by all means please do.
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    Yeah,typical UN anti-gun bullsh...crap.The guns are not costing lives,lack of education and misuse of guns is.BUT is the government,or anyone else,for that matter busting into their houses and robbing and/or killing them.Funny how the video didn't mention the violent crime rate over there.
    Give everybody guns.
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    I feel that the film wasn't entirely biased. I think many Middle East countries believe guns as being a cultural staple, much like many of us here in the U.S.A. It did present a gruesome side to the trade, but unregulated cheap arms to uneducated individuals is probably always a risky situation. The Arabic countries possess a very different culture from most of America. Violence also appears to be inherent, but it wasn't all that long ago that the Old West was right at our backdoors.

    Also a side question: Is the Russian Ali an AK-47?
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