"new designs that are more lethal"
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Thread: "new designs that are more lethal"

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    "new designs that are more lethal"

    I think Im going to puke.
    This sob story is nauseating, only the strong stomachs should read it.
    "In the past 25-30 years they have come up with new designs that are more lethal."

    What the Gun Industry and the NRA Don’t Want You To Know
    Can I ask HOW does one make a lethal weapon that fires a deadly projectile MORE 'lethal' than, well, deadly ?

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    Don't waste your time this is a ******** story. Since Obama was sworn into office gun sales have more then doubled. You would be better off spending your time trying to get the FDA to stop allowing drug company's to sell drugs with DEATH listed as a side effect.

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    Hm...The weapons could now fire Lasers or something, who knows. Either that, or from now on, your bullets are small frag grenades that explode on impact....

    Maybe theyll toss a trunk Monkey inside each individual round. =]
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    I want a Trunk Monkey!

  6. Once again the "Public Health Perspective"... The "Public Health" literature is filled with flawed studies and biased information. The entire approach which views guns as "causative agents" like a virus or bacteria is very flawed. Couple that with a marxist view of criminal behavior and you get a mess.

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    And Rolaids has a conspiracy to make all restaurant food give you heartburn in a effort to increase sales of antacids.

    I actually believe that statement has more validity than that entire article.
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    but I repeat myself.
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  8. It makes my blood boil when I hear people outright lie and the press just eats it up. This guy obviously works or is getting paid by an anti-gun lobby, they should at least be honest about that from the beginning. And, where in the 2nd Amendment does it say that guns have to be sporting guns to be protected?

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    This article was written in 2008! Ignore it and the VPC!

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