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Thread: Do you answer a knock on your door with a gun in your hand?

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    I live out in the sticks. I don't have the opportunity to answer my door much.

    If I see someone pull into my driveway I assume it's missionaries (LDS, JW, etc) and I will go out and meet them. If anyone else comes into my driveway it's UPS or hopefully fedEx.

    If someone knocks on my door at night, we have a glass door and I would know who they were/weren't. If I am wearing pants I am carrying so if I was identified an undesirable unknown person that would be when I skinned my 'smoke wagon' and got to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doublebarr View Post
    We're at the top of a hill with a clear line of sight at the end of a 1/2 mile long driveway. Also have a bunch of cattle dogs that can hear a frog fart and are sure to let you know if it does. No one comes to the house "unannounced" even if they try. So no, one one comes unannounced to make it to the door to knock before we know they are there, LOL.
    We have three cattle dogs in our back yard. Those frogs fart all night long.
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    Not anymore. The doors are never locked where I currently live. Most people just walk in. They are also usually expected.

    The times where I have lived in the city. I always went to the door with my pistol. I didn't open it unless I felt comfortable and then I kept the pistol out of sight.
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    No, I don't run around the house with a gun. The doors are all steel in steel frames with double locks to slow down an intruder.

    Good PPITH practices include using four inch screws to secure the hinges and strike-plates. It makes kicking it in all the harder. In your safe room you should have double locks, four inch screws and a kickstand for under the doorknob.

    I don't answer the door unless I recognize the person. Can't be too careful. Avoidance & deterrence are the first lines of defense.

  6. I had some issues with someone knocking at an unusual time of day. Always will I have my piece with me. This world gets crazier everyday

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    I carry a gun at home, so I always answer the door with a gun.
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    This story occurred several years ago. Iím posting it as an object lesson on not opening the door for people you donít know.

    I was working for a carpet cleaning company and I got called to my last client of the day. It was a small apartment attached to a larger house W/ a screened in porch. The customer met me at the door and showed me the job, three rooms W/ blood everywhere and I mean literally everywhere. It was on the floor, the sofa, the walls, his stereo (not my job but it was there) it was all over his bathroom and all over his TV. I honestly thought someone had died in that house.

    The customer told me that he had gone to a bar a few nights before, gotten a little too drunk and had apparently flashed some cash. After the bar closed he walked home came into the house a short time passed and some one knocked on the screened porch door. The customer (told me later he) thought he recognized the guy so he opened the door. As soon as he opened the door the guy attacked him and stabbed him 14 times (customer had the scars to back his story up) while attempting to rob him. The customer claimed he was able to fight the guy off and chase him out of the house (baaad dude). I have no way of knowing if this story is true but the evidence certainly suggested that it was.

    Obviously there are other lessons her beside don't open the door for strangers but all the other tactical errors could have been overcome had the guy followed that one rule
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigSlick View Post
    We have three cattle dogs in our back yard. Those frogs fart all night long.
    LOL! True indeed. Thankfully for the cause of peaceful sleep, the frog bark is much different than the "something is out here that doesn't belong" bark. You can learn to tune out the "it farted again" chorus.
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    Cool Wearing Police Insignia

    Quote Originally Posted by Dutch1911 View Post
    Wow... I'm not sure how I would handle a situation where the "Police" are attempting to gain forced entry into my home after I open the door.
    I rarely ever answer the door armed unless warranted, but arms are rarely far in my world.
    One of the examples cited by "nogods" indicated that the BGs were wearing "POLICE" shirts. That puts a spin on things that could have a terrible result. If they kicked your door in and yelled "POLICE" while wearing those shirts, what would you do? Would you shoot? What if they were actually policemen? There isn't much wiggle room there. Either you shoot or you don't. If you don't, you may be killed. If you do, you may kill a policeman and then you would be killed for sure! I don't think I would be stupid enough to stand there and ask for ID. This is just food for thought. There are some who would say "I would do this or that." Really, what would you do? In either instance I think I would need a change of underwear! Seriously, ask yourself what you would do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob16066 View Post

    People tell me I'm Paranoid. I believe it's called exercising common sense.
    I call it being survival oriented.
    "Each worker carried his sword strapped to his side." Nehemiah 4:18
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